10 Unexpected Wedding Locations to Make Your Special Day Unique

Let’s face it: while there’s nothing wrong with a church or beachside wedding, they are such common wedding venues that they can be tiresome to brides looking to make more of a splash on their big day. Whether you’re a traditional bride looking for a twist on the classic ceremony or an alternative couple who want someplace completely unheard of, there’s something for you. 

Unique locations don’t have to be as out there as a mountaintop ceremony or a scuba-diving adventure, but for brides and couples looking for inspiration, take a look at these 10 ideas.

1. Railway Station

While a busy public transport station in a big city won’t make for the most beautiful venue, there are many slower or unused railway stations in small towns that make for unique and incredible wedding locations. Railway stations often have great architecture with steel beams, vaulted ceilings, and glass windows, as well as large open spaces that can be converted into seating and dance floors.

2. Museum

Museums are fantastic venues for weddings that aren’t overdone. Picking a museum that reflects you and your partner’s interests makes it more than just a backdrop for your day and can give some built-in entertainment for guests during downtime. And, as an added bonus, many museums are used to doing events and can have catering and table set-ups ready to go.

3. Brewery

Vineyards are a common location for weddings, but for brides who want to change things up just a little, breweries are a great alternative option. You still get similar setups and styles with wood elements and barrels, but breweries can feel cozier than vineyards while still offering a large variety of drink selections.

4. Dispensary

If breweries and vineyards aren’t your thing and you prefer another way to amuse yourself, an interesting alternative location is a marijuana dispensary. Anything from a Denver dispensary to a growing garden can house your special day, and give you opportunities to incorporate marijuana into different food and drink items.

5. Greenhouse

For brides and couples who want to have beautiful photos and stunning greenery, look no further than a greenhouse. Not only will the variety of greens and flowers add a fresh feel to the ceremony or reception, but the enclosed space ensures that no matter the weather, you’re covered.

6. Sports Stadium

For sporty couples who love the thrill of a big game, the best location might just be the stadium of your favorite team. Stadiums have plenty of space and built-in seating to make everything easier. And as venues are equipped for handling crowds, there is a built-in infrastructure to help things move smoothly.

7. Historic Buildings

What little girl didn’t dream of getting married in a castle at one point in her life? Historical buildings like manors, mansions, castles, and local monuments can serve as unique and interesting locations full of history and interest for guests. There are plenty of places with that old-timey charm to delight guests and the happy couple.

8. Lighthouse

In the same vein as historical buildings, lighthouses offer interesting history and special enchantment as well as excellent photo opportunities. The seaside location could be the best of both worlds with a water background and a special structure that ensures your wedding will be the talk of the town.

9. Aquarium

If you love the ocean but don’t want to worry about weather and water ruining your big day, try booking an aquarium for your wedding venue. Aquariums have fantastic lighting and attractions to entertain any guest. And as a special bonus for animal lovers, many aquariums donate part of the venue cost towards wildlife organizations.

10. Personal Locations

Want your special day to be sweet beyond belief? Try having your wedding at or near a special location for you and your partner. The first restaurant you went to, the park you took your first walk in, or the university hall where you had your first class are all examples of ways to make your personal locations part of your wedding day. And while some of those locations may not be the most “out there” venues, the unique connection you have to them makes them just as special as a mountaintop ceremony or treehouse reception.

The Perfect Location for Your Perfect Day

It goes without saying that the most important part of a wedding is the person you’re marrying and the people you’re with, not the place where it takes place. However, it’s still important to carefully consider the venue early on in the wedding planning process. There are so many different options than weddings of the past, and finding the perfect venue isn’t as impossible a task as it may appear.