Your Moving Checklist is Incomplete Without these Hacks

Undoubtedly, moving to a new house is no easy feat and can be quite stressful. Even for experienced individuals, moving can be a challenging job. It often seems as if there’s an endless number of tasks left, especially at the last minute. Seeing your belongings lying all around the house in a mess can be quite daunting. However, it’s impossible to avoid moving after you’ve decided to shift to a new place. But what you can do is prevent the issues that arise due to moving.

Moving doesn’t necessarily have to be a challenging and stressful process. In fact, it’s supposed to be an exciting experience, as you’re getting ready to start a new life in your new home. With a bit of careful planning and clever hacks, moving to a new house can be a breeze. So, to help you with this purpose, here are some effective hacks for your moving checklist.


People often start including unwanted items and junk with their packaged items. As a result, the number of items that need packing grows significantly, increasing your workload. So, it’s best to declutter your house before you pack your stuff. You can throw away or donate the items you don’t need, depending on their type. Some good examples of unwanted items are broking, duplicate, and clothes you no longer wear. Decluttering will allow you to focus on essential items that need packing while keeping your current house neat and clean. Additionally, clutter will also reduce the space in your new home while reducing its appeal.

However, there are always some items you can’t get rid of, even if you no longer need them. For example, you may have some memorable belongings or furniture that no longer fits in your new house. In such a situation, it’s best to utilize a storage unit facility, allowing you to keep your belongings in a safe area away from your new home. So what are you waiting for? All you need is a few taps and clicks. For instance, if you’re a resident or are moving to Rowlett, all you need to do is Google, storage Rowlett TX near me, and you will be surprised with the results. 

Get the right packing supplies

Packing is one of the most time and effort consuming tasks you encounter while moving. So, it’s essential to handle this task efficiently and effectively to prevent any issues. Most of the problems in packing arise due to the use of wrong packing supplies. For example, trying to fit large items in a small box may damage the items irreversibly. So, before you pack, make sure to include getting the right packing supplies in your moving checklist.

Several packing supplies will aid you in packing more efficiently. Packaging boxes are an essential supply. It would help to ensure each box supports the size of the items you will place in it. Furthermore, it’s best to get boxes with high durability. Otherwise, packaging boxes can easily break, resulting in damage or loss of items while moving. Besides boxes, labels are another essential supply. You’ll need them to mark boxes about their content for safer handling while moving. Other supplies can include furniture moving and disassembling tools, tape, and markers. 

Organize packing

When it comes to packing, most people end up creating a mess all-around their homes. It can lead to irreversible damage to your belongings while increasing the chances of them being lost. Furthermore, packing can take weeks to end if you create a mess. Therefore, it’s crucial to organize your packing strategy and prevent these problems.

While packing, make sure to separate items of different types and include them in separate boxes. For example, electric items should be kept in a different box from kitchenware. Doing so will reduce the chances of your belongings being damaged and make them easy to unpack later. Moreover, you can place labels on each box according to the items inside. Another way of organizing packing is to color code packaging boxes. To do so, you’ll have to place a colored label on each box that corresponds to its position in your new home. As a result, you will be able to unpack your belongings quickly. An organized packing also boosts productivity.

Prepare your new house beforehand

As a result, even after moving into your new house, there are numerous tasks to perform, which can be quite stressful and frustrating. Tasks such as packing, arranging moving services, and decluttering, can often make one forget about the preparations needed at the new home. However, if you prepare your new home beforehand, you can avoid last-minute tasks.

The first thing to do when preparing your new home is to get it cleaned and decluttered. An unclean and cluttered home increases stress and health risks. Chances are the previous homeowner didn’t clean the house properly, making the house unfit for you to move. So, visit your house and check each area for cleaning. You can also check your new home for damages and ask the previous owner to repair them. More importantly, taking measurements of your new home is a crucial task. You can use measurements to pack only the items that will fit in your new home. You can also ensure your new home has all the utilities, such as electricity, water, and internet, installed before moving. 

Keep essential belongings with yourself

While moving, people often hire moving services, as it’s impossible to shift every belonging by yourself. However, moving services can often damage your belongings accidentally. In worse cases, moving service employees may even steal your items. You can’t risk your essential items, as they can be quite expensive and memorable.

So, it’s best to separate valuable belongings and keep them with yourself while moving. To further ensure their safety, make sure to pack essential belongings before anything else and avoid losing or damaging them. Furthermore, you can also take pictures of items you send to a moving company to prove if the company damages or steals any of your belongings. 


There may be many people who think moving is a challenging and tedious task. However, as mentioned earlier, you can make the process much more accessible with planning and clever hacks like those mentioned above. So, make sure to include these tips in your moving checklist to retain the fun and excitement of moving to your new home.