16 Fashion Styles for Women

Looking back to the old civilization, our ancestors used a piece of cloth to cover up themselves. But as time passes by, the way of dressing changes from a simple cloth to a stylish one.

The technology opens a new opportunity for us in terms of fashion. Outfits are not used merely for covering; it gives us total confidence to bring ourselves in the crowd without even having a second thought of getting shamed by other people. But the challenge in the fashion world is the difficulty of finding the best outfit for ourselves. These thirteen fashion styles will help you find the right outfit for you.

Dad Sneakers

If you are tired or not fond of wearing heels, you can have a rest wearing those things and try these dad sneakers. You can pair it with an oversized sweater and skinny denim pants to make it neater and fashionable.

Sculptural Heels

Going out on a formal occasion, but having a hard time choosing the best footwear? Well, sculptural heels are made only for you. It is comfy to use and not painful, even if you wear it for a long time.

Hot Pants

Outfits never diminish if you are just good at finding the best suit for you. The hot pants outfit that was famous in the 1950s is now back in the fashion industry. Some people in the past found it as an abomination because of its style, but bringing it back today will surely find its way to the line. From a teensy-weensy knit shorts, hot pants turned into a denim design.

Western Wear

The western wear fashion style got its exposure, but later on, lost in the line. Cast out your worries because you now have the chance to wear your boots on any occasion. This vintage design will boost your confidence, and it will never get you down.


Fashion dresses and bags do not have any sense if you have no watch on your wrist. One of the affordable watches in the shop right now is the swiss military watch. This watch offers you a lot of options that will surely help you in choosing the right watch for your day to day outfit.

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Big Bags

Young people today are fond of buying itsy-bitsy kinds of bags to partner with their dresses, but for those who disregard fashion craze and choose a practical way, you can have the most convenient bag in the shop. Having a huge bag makes things easier in terms of keeping your things intact.

Clutch Bag

If you are having a hard time finding the best bag for a formal event, the clutch bag is the only solution to your problem. This bag is incredibly elegant and classy. To have a perfect combination of this bag, you can wear a sexy black dress and a pair of red high heels.

Floral Prints

This kind of dress is comfy to use and has an appealing and colorful design that will color your summer or even formal occasions. You can pair this floral print dress with flat sandals and a big bag.

Lace-up Top

Owning this trendy lace-up top will bring you a total makeover. What makes it different from other dresses in the shop is that it does not require you to show off your skin. You will be overloaded with hotness and sexiness by just pairing it with a simple denim skirt and a flat sandal.

Oversized Victorian Sleeves

If you kept your old dresses for a long time in your cabinet, then it is time to bring back the old fashion style by pulling out our vintage outfits from our wardrobe. The oversized Victorian sleeves are back with more designs and colors. The oversized shape emphasized our slim waist, making us look sexier and hotter.

Bucket Hats

Wearing a hat, especially during rainy or summer season is a necessity to cover our head against the rain and heat. Aside from covering us, it gives us confidence and completes our
outfit. This bucket hats come with different designs! You can buy this one for a purpose, and as an accessory for your daily get up.

Rope Belts

Find this rope accessory by rummaging your wardrobe. These ropes seem expensive to behold, but you can have this design by just creating it on your own or find a similar design that will blend into your everyday outfit.

Disco Collars

The full collar design is back in the fashion industry again! The style surprisingly shows mostly in contrasting colors that make you stand out in the crowd. You will reign the runway wearing these button-downs, coats, or big collar jackets.

Over The Knee Boots

Combine your attire with this pair of over the knee boots to perfectly complete your outfit. This trendy boot is incredibly stunning, especially if you are wearing a vintage dress or a sexy outfit.

Jumpsuits and Boiler suits

Unleash your fashion taste by trying this pleather jumpsuit. You will surely rock the runway wearing this versatile outfit. You can choose this attire in any event by just pairing it with a belt bag and boots or sandals. Own the world with these fashion designs!

Oversized Gold Chain Necklaces

Your outfit will never be completed without wearing any of these oversized gold chain necklaces. These accessories complete your outfit, whether it is for a formal occasion you are attending or not. It looks cool and will surely give you a dramatic entrance.


Some of us get jealous and wonder how other people choose the best outfits for themselves. Having thousands of dresses won’t make sense if you have no idea how to pair it. Magnificence comes from Creativity and fashion style. These two should reunite to transform your simple outfits into grandness.