17 Actionable Tips to Get Fulfilling Sleep at Night

Lack of sleep can disturb your health. You have to sleep around 6-7 hours to keep your physical and mental health in check. The modern lifestyle can make it difficult to get proper sleep at night. We have provided seventeen proven tips below to help you fix your sleep problems. 

1. Expose yourself to bright light in daytime

Staying in the dark throughout the day will disturb your night’s sleep. The body’s internal clock gradually makes us feel sleepy at night. To keep the circadian rhythms in check, you should expose yourself to bright light during the day. 

Spend some time in the sunlight, and if you can’t go outside during your work hours, consider buying an artificial bright light system. 

 2. Make changes to your bedroom

Sleeping in an improper bedroom compromises your quality of life. Buy an adjustable bed mattress if you wake up feeling pain in your back and neck. 

Declutter your bedroom to set the mood. Adjust the temperature to feel cozy. Most people find it easier to fall asleep in a dark bedroom. Cover your windows with blinds to control the light in your bedroom. 

3. Avoid using your phone in bed

Using your phone in bed keeps your mind awake. The harsh blue rays coming out of your phone’s display can disturb your sleep. 

Most experts recommend stopping using your phone at least an hour before you go to bed. Use a blue light filter on your phone to block blue rays in case you have to use your phone. 

4. Don’t take naps in daytime

You will want to take naps during the day if you don’t sleep at night. However, napping hard in the daytime can disturb your REM sleep. Sleeping for around an hour during the daytime regularly can also lead to serious health problems. 

You will feel dizzy and restless even if you take naps during the day. Don’t sleep for more than 20 minutes if you have to take a power nap. 

5. Ditch the coffee before going to bed

Most people have the habit of drinking coffee at night. The presence of Caffeine in coffee can affect your sleep. 

Instead of drinking coffee, you should build the habit of drinking tea before bed. Lavender tea can bust your stress and help you get good sleep.

6. Improve your diet

Eating sugary foods can disturb your sleep cycle. If the foods you eat don’t have fibers but contain a lot of saturated fats, you won’t get good sleep at night.  

Eat low-fat foods to keep your body in the right shape. Make sure you get rid of processed foods to improve your metabolism. Avoid acidic foods as they can develop nausea. 

7. Build a habit of daily exercise

Regular exercise can help you enjoy good sleep at night. Exercise not only keeps you physically fit but also busts stress. Take some time off from your daily routine to hit the gym. 

Some people find it easy to exercise at night. Don’t do any heavy exercise before going to bed, as it can keep your mind awake and stop you from falling asleep.  

8. Follow a fixed schedule

Make positive changes to your lifestyle to have a fixed sleep schedule. Don’t have any routines in your schedule that waste your time. 

Go to sleep and wake up at a certain time. Finish your tasks during work hours so you don’t have to stay awake at night to get work done. 

9. Try simple meditation

Meditation is the best thing to put your mind at ease and enjoy good sleep. Try Yoga Nidra before going to bed to fall asleep easily. 

Start yoga slowly and make changes in your lifestyle. If you haven’t tried yoga before, you can join a yoga club to get started. 

10. Drink plenty of water

Drinking 7-8 glasses of water every day can help you get good sleep. Hydration removes toxins from your body and puts your mind at ease. 

If you have a daytime job, keep a water bottle at your desk to stay hydrated. Take fresh juices to maintain the water levels in your body. 

11. Let aromatherapy ease your mind

You can fall asleep easily with a natural aroma. A few droplets of essential oils can improve your mental health and sleep pattern. 

You can:

  • Apply oil directly to your skin
  • Ingest a few drops of oil
  • Use an oil diffuser 

The easiest option for most people is using an oil diffuser in the bedroom, but you can use oil the way you find it easier. 

12. Workout when you wake up

Get up in the morning and do some exercise. Regular exercise in the morning improves your mood and helps you get good sleep at night. If possible, you should exercise in sunlight. Make your bed when you wake up, so you don’t have to adjust your bed when you go to sleep. 

13. Don’t ruin your routine on weekends

It’s easier to do things outside your routine on weekends. However, doing so can disturb your sleep cycle. 

Make sure you follow the same routine on weekends too. Don’t stay up late at night on Sunday so you don’t find it difficult to wake up on Monday. 

14. Go for supplements

Lack of nutrients in your body can also disturb your sleep. For example, deficiency of Vitamin D can result in sleep disorders. 

Some natural supplements can help you get good sleep at night. You can try these supplements after getting approval from your doctor:

  • Melatonin
  • Valerian root
  • Passionflower
  • Magnesium
  • Lavender

15. Overcome drug addiction

Drugs do the most damage to your sleep routine. Depending on drugs will not let you control your sleep even if you make positive changes to your lifestyle. 

Change your routine to get rid of bad habits and adopt positive habits. Go for therapy or join a support group if it’s hard for you to overcome your drug addiction. 

16. Avoid taking heavy meals at night

After eating a heavy meal, going to bed won’t let you fall asleep. Have lighter foods at night, so you don’t feel nauseated. 

Don’t drink too much water at night as it will also keep you awake at night. Have foods at night instead of processed foods. 

17. Seek medical help if nothing works

You won’t be able to improve your sleeping habits if you have underlying medical conditions. Get help from your doctor if none of the tips mentioned above improve your sleep cycle. Visit your General Physician and ask them what steps you should take.