Oil Control Moisturizer Shows You Can Hydrate Oily Skin

Anyone out there suffering with oily skin might logically assume that applying moisturizer is only going to make things worse. However, just because your skin is oily, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require hydration, far from it, as it still needs to tackle the loss of hydration. This is where oil control moisturizer proves its worth.

Thanks to this particular product, the largest organ in the body is able to get the moisture it needs, regardless of the levels of oil that exist on the surface.

Confusing Oil With Hydration

There’s a common misconception out there that skin hydration and skin oil are the same thing, but they’re not. Oil is a viscose, waxy substance and on the skin, it’s known as sebum. Secreted from glands in the epidermis, it’s created to provide balance to the pH of your skin and offer a barrier against external factors. 

The key word in Oil control moisturizer is ‘moisturizer’, which equates to hydration. Hydration represents a process whereby the skin’s layers (the epidermis & dermis) absorb water. This helps to give healthy skin its elasticity and resilience and while a buildup of excess sebum can result in oily skin, this isn’t the same as the skin being well-hydrated. 

When you remove these oils away from the skin, you also take away the moisture. Ultimately, if you want healthy skin, it needs to be hydrated. The trouble with chronically dry skin is that it can become unsightly and cease to be able to provide the body protection it’s supposed to.

When allowed to persist, the skin’s functions become compromised, opening up the possibility of infection, wrinkles and inflammation. 

Breakout Risks Are Increased Too

Despite how counter-intuitive it might sound, having dehydrated skin raises the risk of you experiencing breakouts and acne. One of the reasons for this is because the body tries to account for becoming partially compromised by creating more sebum. 

However, rather than restore the barrier function of the skin, what this potentially can do is clog your pores, which then leads to spots and pimples. 

Your skin can become dehydrated in ways you might anticipate too. Cold weather, astringent products and even hot baths can strip your skin of moisture. In this regard, oil control moisturizer is your best friend, coming as it does, with a range of benefits. 

A Myriad of Skin Benefits

When you invest in a specialized moisturizer like this, it’s able to be absorbed fast and leaves your skin looking and feeling healthier and smoother. Formulated to offer hydration without causing complications, you won’t be left wishing you hadn’t applied it, as is the case with many standard brands.

Addition advantages include:

  • They’re typically lightweight, so they won’t result in greasy-feeling skin
  • Your skin gets the moisture is so desperately needs
  • Top brands will offer a mattifying effect that reduces shine
  • They’re typically gentle enough to be used every day

Everyone Deserves Balanced, Healthy Skin

Thanks to oil control moisturizer, even those with oily skin can get the necessary moisture into the epidermis without exacerbating the problem. When applied morning and night to the neck and face after your routine cleansing, it’s typically more than able to keep your skin looking and feeling great.

Worth a try, wouldn’t you say?