25 Most Famous Architecture buildings

We’ve selected the 25 of the most famous architecture buildings in the world, and explain a bit about why they deserve to be in the list. Whenever we travel to far-flung places, we’re attracted to the famous architecture buildings. It’s not that most of us have a deep interest in the technicalities of architecture. It’s more about how the designs of these buildings reflect the era and culture in which they were built.

Much like a photograph, architectural designs record details of specific moments in time. But unlike an photograph, physical structures go on to have a life of their own, becoming a central and functional part of countless people’s lives for hundreds, if not thousands of years after they were built. Here we have picked 25 of the most famous architecture building designs from around the world which you can find inspiration simply by visiting them and discovering their historical background.

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25 Most Famous Architecture buildings

world-trade-centerImage Source

St. Paul's CathedralImage Source

Petronas Towers, Kuala LumpurImage Source

White HouseImage Source

The_Leaning_Tower_of_Pisa_SBImage Source

The Shard, LondonImage Source

Sant_Vasily_cathedral_in_MoscowImage Source

Image Source

Lloyd's_building_from_Leadenhall_StreetImage Source

Colosseum, RomeImage Source

Taj Mahal, IndiaImage Source

Chrysler_Building_by_David_Shankbone_RetouchedImage Source

Sydney_Opera_HouseImage Source

SpaceNeedleQACloseImage Source

Hagia_Sophia_Mars_2013Image Source

Buckingham_Palace_from_gardens,_London,_UKImage Source

Fallingwater_miniature_model_at_MRRV,_Carnegie_Science_CenterImage Source

Pantheon_rome_2005mayImage Source

Guggenheim-bilbaoImage Source

flatiron-building-new-yorkImage Source

Villa-Savoye-FranceImage Source

Burj-KhalifaImage Source

Image Source

Clock_Tower_Palace_of_Westminster,_LondonImage Source

Egypt-Giza-SphinxImage Source

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