4 Great Ways To Stay Fit While Working From Home

If you are new to working from home, your daily routine will feel a little different to a usual work day. You can sleep a little bit longer because you are literally sleeping in your office and don’t need to travel anywhere, meaning one less reason to leave the house. If you are working from home for a longer period of time this can lead to your fitness and overall health to suffer. But what can you do to stay fit and healthy whilst being stuck at home ?

You don’t necessarily need a gym to stay fit, in fact you don’t even need to leave the house to stay fit, but it definitely helps to get some fresh air and sunlight once and in a while and therefore exercise outside. If that is not an option because of for example the weather there are many ways to do a home workout.

Combining Working from Home and Workout at Home

Ideally you can invest in office furniture that helps you to get up more often, like a standing desk or a standing desk converter. These types of furniture are gaining more and more popularity as they are an easy fix to predominantly sedentary work and the health risks associated. But that is not the only way how you can combine working from home with a workout at home. You could also invest in mobile office furniture that can be set aside in a space saving way. This will not just help you to get your headspace in and out of working it also helps you to create space for your daily home workouts as well. This and many other modern office furniture ideas can be found in this interesting blog: “10 Modern Office Furniture Ideas“ So why not check these out ?

Introduce Routines

Attractive female exercise at home.Fitness.Doing push ups.
When it comes to routines or changes to daily routines, it is important to set achievable and easy goals that you can stick to. As soon as a routine starts to feel like a chore it won’t take long for you to abandon it. So start with small changes and see for yourself how you feel about sticking to these. You could for example introduce a bigger workout before and/or after work. If you need some workout ideas you can do at home why not check out our blog about “Prevent Cabin Fever With These Stay-At-Home Workouts“ ?

You can also introduce routines in between your working day like a stretching routine to keep your posture healthy and your body mobile. In order to do that you can for example join an online yoga class to find some helpful stretching poses.

Eat Healthy

Working from home and staying healthy does not just incorporate workouts and being mobile it’s also about the right diet. You are way more tempted to eat unhealthy and more frequently when you are all by yourself and you have immediate access to food, since you are at home. Make sure you stock up a variety of food especially fruits and vegetables. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever eat sweets or junk food, you just have to make sure it doesn’t make up the majority of your diet. If you are looking for a healthy but satisfying snack in between your meals you should try nuts since they are high in protein and high in fibre (but they also have a lot of calories) so don’t snack too many at once.

Go for a Run or Walk Outside

Go for a Run or Walk Outside
Need to get something from the supermarket ? Depending on how far away the next supermarket is located you can also just walk there or take the bike instead of taking the car considering working from home unfortunately supports a very sedentary lifestyle.

If you have a dog, even better. You can include him in your daily routine as well to get a few steps in if you don’t do so already.

Neither of this applies to you ? Don’t worry, just include a run or a stroll in your workout routine and every day it will get easier for you to stick to it and get your headspace in and out of work as well getting some fresh air and sunlight which helps your body to generate Vitamin D.