5 Bathroom Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

Bathroom Design

When thinking about the most important rooms in a home, three come to mind: the kitchen, the bedroom and of course, the bathroom. For commercial buildings, the bathroom and kitchen still remain very important. That is why businesses should take the time to select the highest quality bathroom partitions possible.

In addition to its obvious functional purpose, a bathroom also serves as a sanctuary, a space to prepare for the day, but also unwind and replenish oneself. A great advancement has been made in recent years when it comes to bathroom design. A look at AHM bathroom specialists will show you how some businesses are managing to combine style with innovation thanks to their accommodating walk-in baths.

People are putting much more attention into the design and decoration of their bathrooms. From world renowned product brands to interior designers we have researched the top bathroom trends of 2019. We hope these bathroom ideas will inspire your bathroom design project.

1 – Spa like showers

Spa like showers
Water is more than just a substance to clean and cleanse our body. It also has the power to massage, relax and reinvigorate. Companies like Dornbracht have developed “Health, Solutions, Architecture” products that truly take showering to the next level. A shower enthusiast’s dream, these spa-like showers have overtaken the bath as the go-to for relaxation.
After all, if you can’t go to the spa, why not bring the spa to your home?

2 – All Black Bathrooms

All Black Bathrooms
By now we are familiar with the trend of black bathroom faucets, mirrors and shower handles. 2019 will usher in the era of the all black bathroom. The Spa aesthetic has also influenced the look and feel of bathrooms. 2019 is all about feeling chic and luxurious. This look can be achieved using all marble walls or simply by painting the walls black and using all black tiles, sink and toilet. A well designed all black bathroom will create a timeless, classic look.

3 – Small statement sinks

Small statement sinks
Often times the challenge when renovating a bathroom is making the most of a small space. Whether you’re adding a powder room to your home or renovating a small bathroom, saving space while maintaining functionality and aesthetic can be quite difficult. A trend we are seeing for 2019 is the use of smaller statement-making sinks. These include wall-mounts, counter-mounts and corner-mounts. Something like this Marble Top Vanity & Basin Unit would be perfect for this trend. We love these because they save space and help your bathroom design stand out. You can also use vintage sinks to add a touch of style to your decor.

We believe the small sink trend is here to stay and we will see less and less bulky vanities, especially in smaller bathrooms

4 – The freestanding flat bottom bathtub

The freestanding flat bottom bathtub
We have somewhat of a strange relationships with bathtubs. They take up a lot of space, take time to fill up and are hard to clean. Yet, we always say to ourselves that we should take the time to light some candles, dim the lights and read our favorite book while soaking in the tub.

For the bath enthusiasts among us, the trend for 2019 in luxury baths is the freestanding flat bottom tub. Yes, the bath is no longer confined to the corner of the bathroom! The classic clawfoot tub is also no longer the standard for luxury. The roundness of the tub lets you lie comfortably on any side and provides you with a 360 degree view of your surroundings. If you have the space and budget, the freestanding flat bottom tub is the way to go.

5 – Marvelous Marble

Marvelous Marble
Marble is not new, it was first used in ancient Greece and Rome for architecture and sculpting. Today Marble is widely considered a symbol of refinement and elegance. Coloured marble is a huge trend in interior design for 2019. We are seeing colored marble walls everywhere from kitchens to bedrooms and furniture.

For those on a tighter budget, granite walls are a less costly option. For those with a more conservative taste, a coloured marble vanity can evoke the same elegance and flair without standing out too much.