5 Games That You Can Play to Help you Relax This Summer

When it comes to choosing games to play this summer you are spoilt for choice. There is a huge number of games out there to be played, so here is a short list of recommendations of games that you might want to play this summer on mobile, computer, console, or more traditionally, and even family games. 

#1 Family games

Seeing as summer is here, the likelihood is that your kids are going to be off of school and prying for attention. This can be a bother, especially when you are stumped for ideas on what to play with them. A good, old-fashioned board game might be the salve to your problems, especially if in this world of tech your kids have likely never played classics such as Monopoly or Scrabble. 

#2 Physical games

This can be things such as soccer, baseball, or racing if you are wanting to play with the kids. For something a little less childish, you might want to play pool or cards with your friends. This can be a great way to have a good range of fun, use your mind, and move around a little bit more when playing the games. 

#3 Mobile games

Mobile games are great for playing for convenience reasons. Games that you can find on sites such as freeextrachips.com can be a great way to get a thrill or to get a kick of escapism in an otherwise boring day while you are supposed to be watching the kids. They can be good fun and entertaining to play.

#4 PC Games

PC games are great for playing alone or with friends. Games such as Subnautica, Minecraft, and even Microsoft solitaire can all be great fun to play on your PC. These are great games to have a play on when you have the time to relax into them a lot more. Of course, there are some far more action-based games, like the greatly anticipated CyberPunk 2077, if that is more your fancy. 

#5 Console games


These can be a good gaming choice if you want to play with friends on the same console. It can be a lot more fun to sit down and play video games with friends than simply watch a film with them, as it’s far more interactive. Whether this is playing on your Nintendo Switch or a PS5, you can have a great time with a good-natured game, such as MarioKart or Sackboy. 

To wrap things up

To conclude, it all depends on what you are doing and who you are with when it comes to choosing a game. When it comes to choosing which games you want to play this summer, you might feel like you are stumped for choice. There is a multitude of games to pick, whether that be on a mobile device, a console, a PC, or something a bit more physical like a sport or a board game. There are endless opportunities, and this list recommends only a few.