Phone Flip Covers – A Must Buy Accessory for Our Precious Smart Phones

It is a mandate to buy a protective cover when we put in our hard-earned money into buying a new smartphone. A smartphone is the most important accessory that each one of us carries in the 21st century and keeping it safe is very essential. 

If you have kids at home, it becomes even more important to buy sturdy cover that will keep our phones protected from damage in case of accidental fall, which most of the parents have experienced every once in a while. 

The question is which cover to buy as a safety protective gear – back cover or flip cover.

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Advantages of flip covers

Flip covers offer the following advantage to smartphone users:

  • A flip case covers your phone from all directions including the edges and the front display. 
  • Flip covers come with a magnetic sensor. Your phone senses the movement of the sensor, thus, locking and unlocking the phone happens as you close and open the cover. 
  • Most of the flip covers can be converted into a table stand and this feature allows for easy watching of videos while keeping the phone upright in the flip cover stand. 
  • It provides screen protection additionally by keeping the scratches and bumps away.
  • These covers are available in fine-cut metal or leather materials, giving them a sleek and classy look. 
  • Some flip covers are provided with a wallet where you can keep some cash and credit cards, thus, it serves the purpose of both wallet and phone case. 

Features of flip covers

Apart from providing the above-mentioned benefits, modern flip covers have these additional features:

  1. Automatic locking of the screen as soon as you close the cover. 
  2. Allows you to view the date, time, and weather. 
  3. You can see your phone’s display window and access features such as alarm screen, music window, step count, and other notifications. 
  4. You can use your phone for conversations with your friends even with closed covers. 
  5. Some flip covers that are synced with windows allow you to take and hang up calls without opening the flip cover. 
  6. You can switch songs, pause, or resume your favorite music with the cover closed. 
  7. This also functions well for snoozing or dismissing the alarm. 

On the downside, flip covers can become bulky making your phone heavier. Also, these covers are not for people who are rushing in their routine. Flip covers prevent heat from dissipating from the phone, so your heated phone will not cool down faster with the flip cover on. 

While back covers are more durable, less bulky, cheaper, and do not interrupt any of the phone sensors, they do not protect the front display. This is why if you are looking for full protection of your smartphone, you must think of buying a sturdy yet fashionable flip cover.