5 Gift Ideas Related To Collage Photo Prints

When it comes to choosing the right gifts, photo collages top everyone’s list. Who doesn’t like a blend of best clicks at one place after all? 

You must have seen normal collages with photos placed as per a layout. However, there are so many other ideas to try for collage photo prints. 

Be it framed collages or ready to hang ones, most of these ideas make a great gift for your favorite people. That’s why today, we are here to share five gift ideas related to collage photo prints.

Birthday Collage

 Be it your friends, family, or loved ones, birthdays call for fascinating presents. That’s why the most appropriate gift idea for a birthday is birthday collages. 

If you are giving a collage to your friend, collect the picture of all the hangouts, parties, and adventures. After that, curate a layout and get it framed as per the theme. 

For a family member, we would suggest making family tree collages with pictures of everyone. Here, the layout has to be in the shape of a tree. 

Also the photos should be placed as per the sequence of the relation. Photo collages are both a great gift and decorative. 

Anniversary Collage

For a special someone, anniversary collages are the best gift of all. Be it your silver or golden jubilee, photo print collages for the anniversary can put a smile on your better half’s face. We recommend to theme it in red shade.

Collect the pictures where you are dressed in red with your spouse. If you do not have such pictures, get them clicked and printed. It’s pretty fast!

After that, combine it with a frame of similar contrast. Black bordered frames go well with red shades. 

We recommend opting for a simple square or rectangular frame as it gives a genuine outlook. For the layout, a heart will make a great choice.

Likewise, if you are celebrating a friendship anniversary, go for a theme with a light shade like pink. You could opt for a simple symmetrical layout for a crisp and clean outlook. 

Family Collage

If you want to gift a photo print collage to your family, we suggest making a sequential placement of pictures. For example, grandparents could be placed first in the photo collage. Make sure that picture is black and white. 

Now place other pictures as per the sequence of the family. After grandparents, add a picture of the parents and then the kids. As you proceed, the photos should turn from black and white to colored. 

Friends Collage

A photo print collage for friends could feature all the throwback pictures of you and your pals. We suggest a friendship day theme with a vibrant shade. Make sure to select colorful pictures of you and your friend. 

If you have a friend’s group, then take the photo in pairs. For example, if you are eight members, click four photos featuring two members. After that, place these photos as a group layout.

For your best friend, blend in some vibrant colors with multiple pictures. That makes a pretty chic collage for a single person.

Collage for colleagues

A collage for colleagues is all about happy moments from work. Simply collect the best office clicks taken with your colleagues and frame them. 

We recommend choosing a rectangular frame and a horizontal layout. That way, it will look unique. However, square frames are good too! 


These photo collage gift ideas are likely to put a smile on your loved one’s face. The best thing about photo collages is that they last forever! 

Despite how old you get, it’s likely to initiate the happy thoughts at one glance. So, hurry! Get a photo collage for your favorites today.