They say home is where your heart is. However, you won’t feel entirely at home unless you personalize to place and add your decorative ideas to the design. Style is a very personal thing and is so much more than aesthetics. 

It’s also an expression of your personality in the surroundings and helps make the place 100% you. From minor DIYs to massive overhauls, the things you do to change your house will almost always pay off. It may be through your comfort or added value to the house. 

This article will talk about some of the best ideas you can consider when decorating the house. We will go over semi-scale changes brimming with style and minor ones that you can tackle on a budget.

With that said, here are five décor ideas that you have to try out. Read till the end to gain a complete picture of how to make changes to the house stylishly. 

Change the flooring

The flooring is one of the essential parts of the house. It can bring an entire room together and stylishly blend the décor. However, there’s a catch; it can take a while and may cost a little bit, especially if you originally had a tiled floor. 

If you have old and outdated floors, broken tiles, and pale wood, it may be time to look at a change.
Stripping away the tile, leveling the floor, and finally laying down the wood can take a few days and maybe even a week. 

Outstate laborers may be apprehensive about taking on a job like this unless their contractor gives them a place to stay. In Texas, this is a problem where the weather is sometimes too harsh for work outdoors without proper lodging facilities for workers.  

In Pecos, Texas, Pecos lodging is an excellent solution where the workers get a proper place to stay, and you get your work done quicker, simple as that.

Moving onto the flowing, the natural line of sight moves from the bottom upwards. Therefore, sorting out the floors and replacing them with the material of your choice is a good idea. 

Whether you are a fan of stained hardwood or tile, invest your time and money once and watch how your house completely changes. 

Hanging wall art

A splash of new paint or colors on your walls is an excellent, cost-effective idea to bring a unique charm that might not have been there in the past. If you have a large empty wall, you can even consider a mural. However, the drawback with a mural is that it takes time to create, and it’s permanent, so you can’t even consider it if you are on rent. 

The alternative is to buy are and hang them on an empty wall in the house. Placement is crucial, so make sure everyone can see it. You have to give the art its personal space to shine, and crowding it with other things will take away its aesthetic and dampen its vibe. 

Art comes in a variety of price ranges. You can find them relatively cheap, while some can cost a fortune. It depends on what you have in mind. 

A splash of green 

It may seem minimalistic, but that’s the entire appeal of the design. Small changes around the house can completely change the house’s style. You would be shocked to see how a mere corner plant can entirely change the room’s vibe. 

A well-placed tabletop plant or an indoor palm could do wonders for your décor, as they have a natural yet subtle way of bringing life to the place.

Besides changing the décor and adding style, it’s always good to have a few plants in the house. They help balance the mood and are a great source of fresh oxygen. However, make sure you fumigate them before bringing them in, as they tend to attract mosquitos and other insects. 

Add windows

If you have a nice backyard or patio to look to, consider adding more windows to the house because they help create a more open feel which can add a dose of style to your design. 

Moreover, one generally appreciates having a few windows than being boxed inside the house at all times. With fresh air and a little bit of scenery, you have a room with style.

It may seem complicated adding windows, but it’s not. A few structural changes here and there, and you have a new addition to the house. However, this is not a DIY job because you need to call professionals to cut the walls and install the windows. 

It may cost more than randomly adding a plant or hanging wall art, but adding more windows helps add value to the house. So see it more as an investment rather than an expense. 

Work with the lighting

Lighting solutions can either make or break your entire design décor. If you have white light flooding the place, you need to change that. Not only is it highly industrial, but it can cause adverse mood effects and is generally unappealing.

It’s always better to have natural light (hence the windows we mentioned) or warm artificial lights. Opt for warm yellow bulbs as opposed to white ones. Even though the warmer lights won’t shine as bright as the white ones, they can work wonders for your indoors design.

Fixtures are also crucial. Invest in stylish wall-mounted lamp holders rather than sticking with the standard ones. Changing these can make a world of difference, so consider opting for lamps instead of ceiling lights. 

Not only do lamps come in a variety of shapes and designs, but they also help illuminate the room more evenly and aesthetically. 


There we have it, some home décor ideas that could help add a dose of style to your surroundings. Some may be more doable than others, but all in all, these are the things you may want to consider at the very least to change the look of your place. 

Making your living space more comfortable is not an easy process. You will need to find a balance between spending money and using DIY solutions. 

We have discussed everything from changing the floors to working with the lighting, so pick and choose whichever ones you think will work best in your house and start applying them. 

With winter just around the corner, you’d want a warmer and most comfortable vibe. Keep that in mind before styling the place this season!