6 Best Wall Art Ideas For Every Room

There are many ways homeowners attempt to make their living spaces seem more inviting, classier, and easier on the eyes. A lot of these solutions, such as having fireplaces installed could be very expensive, however, so some homeowners who are trying to save money do not even bother with trying to make their living spaces look more beautiful. 

The good news is that there is a very affordable way to instantly make a home’s living spaces look and feel more attractive. This is of course with the careful and curated use of wall art. Contrary to what many people believe, wall art doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be high-quality. Remember, the price of a piece of wall art doesn’t really reflect the skill of the artist precisely because a lot of these artists are just starting out so they have to resort to pricing their pieces lower just to gain more exposure.

So what are the best ways you can leverage affordable wall art to make your living spaces standout? Here are six great ideas!

1. Add Humor To The Bathroom

This is something that you often see in the bathrooms of various bars and restaurants. It is unclear why the bathroom is the chosen room for people to add a bit of humor to, but it has become quite a ubiquitous tradition all around the world. Even though it is more common within public spaces like bars and restaurants, there is no reason you cannot use the same for your own bathrooms as well. 

There are two ways you can go about adding humor to your bathrooms. You can take a purely visual approach, using a funny image such as a portrait of dogs playing poker; or you can even use text to your advantage and give your guests something funny to read while they are using your bathroom. When you use a text-based piece of artwork to liven up your bathrooms, make sure that the jokes are actually relevant to bathroom scenarios for the maximum impact.

2. Give Color To Your Kitchen

When you think about wall art for your kitchen, think about using color and breathtaking images. It would be a particularly good idea to use wall art that uses culinary elements; a typical painting of a bowl of fruit would usually work but you can do so much more than that. 

You can use cascading paintings depicting different types of spices among other things. You can also use artwork that depicts cuisine from different parts of the world to showcase a more international feel for the artwork on your wall. Truly, your imagination is the only limit to the things that you can try as long as you keep the basic idea of using color and lively images.

3. Make Your Dining Room Look Classier

When it comes to wall art for the dining room, it is time to think beyond just paintings and portraits, it is an opportunity to use other types of wall art because what you really want to be doing with the art in your dining room is give a sense of class that would make your guests feel like they are in a fancy restaurant. 

One of the most creative ways that you can do this is by using artwork that is closely related to the elements that you naturally see within a dining room, such as hanging wooden spoons and plates that have carvings on them. Using handwoven baskets is also a great way to add a feeling of distinction to your dining room. 

4. Give Life To Your Living Room

Your living room is the place where you should really start to think about livening things up. Of course, you should still use wall-mounted paintings as you would in other rooms, but you should mix them up with other wall-mounted figures. If you want to give your home a more outdoorsy feeling, you can hang an artificial pair of antlers directly atop your fireplace, if you have one. Using a very unique wall-mounted clock, such as those that play music at certain times of day, is also a good idea. For a list of wall clocks perfect for home decors, visit the website of Best Wall Clocks.

5. Use 3D To Your Advantage

If the design of your home is more modern and you want the interior of your home to follow suit, one thing that you can do is add 3D elements to your walls to give off a very Avante Garde aesthetic. 

The use of 3D wall art is not limited to paintings that are manipulated in a way to make it seem like the image is 3D, you can even use wall-mounted 3D sculptures that would really be a feast for the eyes of your guests. If you are bold enough to do so, you can skip the wall mounting all together and hire a professional artist to paint on the wall directly.

If ever you do go with this approach though, you might want to skip the living room because a painted wall almost never goes well with living rooms. If you have a room that is more suited to recreation, such as a gaming room, then this type of 3D wall art would be a great addition.

 6. Too Many Canvases? Try Rugs!

This method is a little bit more complex and definitely requires good taste on your part, but using a rug as wall art is something that you can try — and if done well, it could make for an incredible aesthetic to your home. Make sure the color of the rug matches the color of your walls in terms of hue and contrast because you do not want it to stand out too much, otherwise viewers will start to realize that you have a rug on your wall instead of admiring it as a piece of artwork. 

Spicing Up Your Living Spaces

These are only some of the ways you can spice up your indoor living spaces with the use of wall art. Remember, there are no rules to this; you are only limited to what your imagination can lead you to!