5 Inspirational Designs for Your Next Custom Shirt Printing Project

Custom shirts are a great way to show off an individual’s personality and style. It’s a beautiful approach to get your fashion out into the world and make it uniquely yours. It’s also an effective marketing strategy because your business can use it in advertising your brand. 

As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to be creative and come up with a fabulous shirt design that creates an emotional tie with your customers and builds your business. Having this kind of business-customer connection is what will help you succeed.

Many printing services online such as MeowPrint Custom Shirts, offer custom designs that’ll make your business stand out from the rest. To help you out, here’s a list of five inspiring designs for your next custom shirt printing project:


Simplicity is always a good choice because it never goes out of date. A simple shirt design has a clean and modern look perfect for any business. It’s also an excellent option for people who want to keep things professional without looking too old-fashioned.

In addition, you may want to add a minimalist gift, such as a customized small notebook or pen, to complete the look. There are many customized corporate gift stores online, like MeowPrint Corporate Gifts, that offers various options to choose from, or you may visit a local store to create a custom design that works best for your advertising needs. Selecting this unique option will benefit your business in the long run.

Make your corporate gifts reflect your business so you can create a sentimental connection with your customers.

Abstract Art

If you want to infuse art and a splash of color into your shirt designs, then abstract art might be an excellent way to do it. It’s a great idea to make a statement that people will remember.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that your abstract design aligns with what you do or sell because the shirt represents your business. For instance, a conceptual art shirt design featuring flowers would be incredible if you have a flower shop or gardening supplies business.

It doesn’t matter what abstract images you choose because there are no limits to creativity. You can make abstract images of animals, people, shapes, or other objects that compliment your business. It’s also the perfect strategy to get people interested in your brand and start a discussion about what they see.

Aside from promoting your business, you’re selling an idea. That’s what abstract art is all about, it makes people think about the message that the print conveys, more than the shirt itself.

Photo Shirts

Photo shirt printing is an excellent idea to capture fun and unforgettable moments. It’s a fantastic approach to make your customers smile and never forget a momentous occasion.

This design makes it easy to show your customers’ favorite memories while promoting your business. In addition, you may add names in the images or texts along with them, such as motivational quotes or funny captions. By doing so, it will create an emotional attachment between you and your customers. More importantly, it’ll give them a reason to become repeat buyers resulting to increase in customer loyalty.

Add A Simple Phrase

Printing a quotation on a shirt is the perfect way to share your favorite words of wisdom. It’s also an excellent strategy to spread awareness about causes dear to you.

For example, if you’re passionate about helping single mothers, then phrases like ‘Single Mothers Deserve Love Too’ would be the best addition to your custom shirt design.

It’s vital to choose a quote that’s inspiring, so your customers can relate to it. What’s great about this approach is it gives people a reason to talk about your brand with their friends and family because it piques their interest and curiosity.


If you want your shirt to have a classic and timeless feel, go for a vintage design. It’s a popular option for businesses that appear more established and experienced.

Create a vintage shirt using the age-old technique of tie-dyeing. You can also add a distressed ripped effect or faded prints to give it that sterling look. As an extra touch, you can also add stitching on the shirt to give it a more authentic feel.

Vintage shirts are perfect for businesses that want to promote a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity with their customers. It’ll remind them of the good old days and make them feel more comfortable with your brand.


An individual’s choice of apparel is essential for many reasons. Customized shirts don’t only represent your business’ brand, but it also reflects your company’s preference and style. The right shirt design being used for advertising can bring in more customers, if done correctly..

Whether you’re looking for something simple, casual, professional, or creative, these suggested designs are a good start. It’s not only an opportunity to show off your artistry, but it’s also a strategy that’ll lead to the success of your business.