5 Inspiring Engagement Photo Poses That Highlight Your Wedding Ring

Most couples invest a lot of time and resources in their weddings. From finding venues and hiring caterers to dress shopping and cake tasting, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into planning a wedding. But your wedding ring is not such a simple preparation, it is a symbol of your love. Whether it’s visiting jewelry shops or checking out vintage stores like EraGem, selecting a wedding ring takes a lot of effort. So, it’s natural to want to show it off to the world. However, a simple ring selfie with a cup of coffee isn’t always enough! Sometimes you need to go the extra mile in order to make a big impact. And what better way to do so than engagement photos! Here are some of the most inspiring engagement photo poses that can help you highlight your wedding ring in the pics!

Show off With Your Partner

We all want to show off our partners and their love to the world. And engagement photos help us do exactly that. Highlighting your wedding ring in the engagement photos is a great way to capture beautiful moments and make your wedding even more memorable. And having your partner right beside you when you show-off your ring will make it even more special! Choose couple poses that highlight your hands and the ring. And if you wish to be more subtle about it, you can simply focus on the ring and blur the background a bit.

Holding Hands

Other than couple pics, photos of couples holding hands is the most classic and elegant way of highlighting your wedding rings. Holding hands symbolizes your trust and affection in each other. It is also a symbol of the promise of being together that you give to each other. Hence, this pose is one of the most symbolic poses for announcing an engagement of showing off the ring. Plus, it’s also the easiest way to focus on the ring and yet be subtle about it!

Include Your Pets

If you’re becoming pet parents along with life partners, then including your pets in the picture is a great idea. Adding your pets to wedding pics definitely ramps up the cuteness factor! Plus, this is a great way of including them in your wedding, especially if they cannot come to the wedding venue on the big day. Having your pets show-off the ring or taking a candid pose with your pets while keeping the focus on the ring is a good option. You can also use name cards or home made signs to make things more interesting and fun.

Use an Amazing View

Backdrops often play a very important role in photos. You can use a good view as a backdrop for showing off your ring too. A good view that goes well with your wedding theme or your marriage views can be very symbolic too. Plus, a view that naturally highlights you makes for a perfect background. You can use only your hand and take a selfie. Alternatively you can also use a good view to become your backdrop while you show-off the ring with your partner!

Go For a Candid Pic

Candid photos are the latest trend whether its taking a selfie or announcing your engagement. Natural moments captured candidly have a real charm that is hard to replicate in planned photo-shoots. You can go for some candid pics with your partner that focus on your ring or make your relationship the focus while showing off the ring. Try to be as natural as possible in the pics to bring that candid appeal. You can also ask a friend or a professional photographer to take pics for you while you’re enjoying your time with your partner.

Whether you go for a photo-op or a candid shoot, it is always better to consult a professional wedding photographer to ensure you get the best pics for your life’s most memorable moments.