Top 10 Tools 2020 For Creating The Best Wedding Photo Slideshows

The wedding is the most significant and beautiful day that would ever come in the life of a couple. It is needless to state that they will aspire to the memories of this grand day in the moat appreciable manner. Though there are traditional options like Videos and photographs to accomplish this task, nothing can match the excitement and dynamism in the wedding photo Slideshows. The easy availability of the picture slideshow maker makes it all the easier to create such resources. Paragraphs underneath shall review some of the best applications to creating perfect Slideshows with the Wedding day pictures. You can try Invideo too for this.

1. WONDERSHARE DVD Slideshow Maker

A fully comprehensive application that is suitable for creating Slideshows with Videos, music, and pictures, this software comes with advanced features and functions to simplify the hassles in creating a slideshow. After you are done with the process of installation and you open the application for the first time, you can select, either, the basic or the advanced modes. The basic model features the default settings that facilitate the creation of Slideshows in a hassle-free manner and within the minimum time. If you prioritize customization, you require opting for the advanced mode. This application is compatible with Mac and Windows Operating Systems and it offers tools that serve purposes like editing, animation as well as special effects. Either you can opt for the free version, or you may opt for the Pro version.

2. Bolide Slideshow Creator

If you are looking for a Slideshow creating an application that comes for free and features a user-friendly interface, this is one of the best options to embrace. Though this application does not have the features for advanced editing, however, you will surely appreciate the capacity of the application to perform the basic function with utmost perfection. This application is compatible with Windows only, and it allows the users to apply the transition effects. It is possible to drop any media files, and it aids in creating a perfectly crafted Slideshow in a completely hassle-free manner.

3. Smartshow 3D

Coming with lots of advanced featured-packed into it, this is an application that is suitable for professional uses. However, this application offers you a free version as well. Availing the paid version, you will avail of a plethora of animation and cut-edit features, helping you to create the most engaging Slideshow with Videos, music, and photos.

4. NCH PhotoStage

Rated one of the best Slideshow design applications for professional uses, users can avail of the application free of cost to serve personal usage. Packed with various modern features that enable the users to add exceptional special effects to the Slideshows, this application impresses the users on the first impression itself. It is compatible with all the popular Operating Systems. This application is not only User-friendly, but it allows the users to optimize the uploaded photos and videos. One thing is for sure, you will surely appreciate this application, once you get started using it.


Meant for the professional level users, this wedding invitation maker features more complex and advanced editing options. However, the good side of the application is that it allows you to customize the duration, motion, speed of the Slideshow. The good part is that you can opt for a trial version before you decide to invest in its paid version that will offer you a plethora of additional features. You will find this application compatible with MAC as well as Windows operating systems. New users can certainly opt for this application with good faith.

6. 4K Slideshow Maker

This application is the perfect choice for those users who are looking for a Slideshow maker that features HD qualities. However, it comes with a simple user interface. The best part about this application is that you can avail it for free. But, the downside of this application is that it offers only a restricted choice in terms of customization. Creating a Slideshow with this application is very simple, as you can get the job done, simply by uploading your chosen files. The application is compatible with Windows, Mac as well as Linux Operating Systems.

7. MAGIX Photostory

More of a commercial application for creating Slideshows, coming packed with lots of editing and customization tools, this is one Slideshow maker that you must try, at least once. The application is available in a different version, and presently, you can avail of the Deluxe version of the application for a cost of 3.99 USD. Though the application is compatible with the Windows Operating System only, however, you will surely appreciate the tons of 360 Degree and 3D features in this application that stand unique and exclusive. You will find this application, surely worthy of your faith and confidence.

8. ProShow Gold

You will find a plethora of themes and editing tools packed in this application. It blends user-friendliness with robust functions. Better to say, you can avail of the trial version of the application before you opt for the paid version. The application is compatible with Mac as well as operating systems. As you will find tons of templates for wedding themes, you can create your Slideshow simply by customizing these resources.


An online Slideshow making an application, though giving limited access, can be availed for free. It is a high user-friendliness application as you can complete your task by uploading the media, selecting the suitable music & theme, getting the Slideshow ready almost instantly.

10 Google Photos Movie Maker

With this software, you will not even need to upload any file to any 3rd party application for creating a Slideshow. Rather, you can work upon the photos saved on your mobile device. Keep in mind that this application is yet to have its desktop version. The downside is that this application is compatible with very few devices—still, a good choice for personal uses.