5 Simple Home Upgrades That Make Winters More Enjoyable

Many of us dread winter because, often, it is a tough season to handle. The sub-zero temperatures and shorter daylight hours are normally difficult to deal with. It can also be discomforting when you don’t get to spend enough time outdoors as you would wish because of the biting cold and heaps of snow. 

Winter might not be your favorite season, but it doesn’t have to be so awful. You are advised to make a few prior preparations and upgrades to ensure your family remains as comfortable as possible throughout the season. Here are some suggestions. 

Ensure Your Heating System is in working condition 

Your heating system might be the most critical installation in your home during winter. Ensure it is running effectively and efficiently. It is normally advisable to check it out before winter checks in. If you discover any anomalies with the system, call your trusted HVAC professionals like those who do furnace tune-up in Huntersville to check and properly service it. 

An inefficient heating system can easily make your home too uncomfortable to live in during winter, besides burdening you with bigger energy bills. If the system is worn out or not working as it should, then you should consider replacing the entire system. You can perhaps try a smart unit; it is easily controllable from a smartphone or other electronic devices. 

Find New Ways to Make your Home Warmer and More Comfortable

Your heating system is not the only thing that can keep your home warm and comfortable during winter. Make your home cozier by adding a few warm items, such as soft and heavy blankets. You can also change the pillows, layer your bedding, and bring in some winter candles. Similarly, use warm colors for most household items, and paint the walls with a light color to brighten up your space. Such simple changes make a huge difference and go a long way to make your home warmer and more cheerful. 

Get a Wood Stove or a Fireplace 

Nothing makes the atmosphere in a house cozier than a fireplace. If you don’t have one, it is time to install it. However, if your house already has a traditional fireplace, you can upgrade it to a wood stove or a gas insert. These options are not only more efficient but easier to use too. If your house has a wood-burning fireplace, have it insulated properly to prevent heat loss. 

 Allow More Light Into Your House 

The shorter daylight hours will likely make your home appear dark and boring. Let enough natural light go in, as much as possible, to liven up the house and lift your moods. Ensure you open all the blinds and curtains whenever the sun is up. For more light in your house, consider installing solar tubes or skylights. You can also get extra artificial light in your house through additional overhead and more lamps. LED bulbs would be preferable since they consume less energy than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Control the amount of light in the house using dimmer switches. 

Have a Programmable Thermostat Installed 

Installation of a programmable thermostat will make it easier for you to regulate the temperatures in your house. Adjust the thermostat settings such that the temperatures are automatically lower when you are asleep or away and higher when you are back home and need more heat. 

This slight adjustment will significantly cut down your energy bills. It is now easy to control the temperature remotely using a smart thermostat. The gadget comes in handy anytime you forget to regulate the temperatures before you go to bed or leave for work.


The above are modest home upgrades that can make the winter season not just bearable but highly enjoyable too. While there are some that you can do yourself, when dealing with electrical installations, such as heating systems, you better seek the services of a professional when you are unsure of what needs to be done.