5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Plus-Size Bra

Although magazines and television make the process of selecting any type of bra easy, it is actually very difficult to find a plus-size bra that will work for women with non-model bodies. Of course, factors such as construction and comfort must be factored into a purchase, but you often do not know whether you got the right bra until after you have worn it a few times. At this point, it can be much too late to take it back.

1. Shoulder straps

For comfortable support, you should look for a bra that has wide straps. If you can find wide straps that are also cushioned, you will experience even more comfort. For instance, wide straps help to prevent the straps from digging into your skin. A bra with wide straps will also remain in place. A bra that stays put means your breasts will also stay put.

Additionally, if your straps are digging into your skin, it most likely means that the bra’s cups are too small. For instance, cups that allow your breasts to spill out will most likely place extra weight onto the straps, causing them to dig into your skin. If you experience this, you should consider trying a larger cup size.

2. Underwire

Whether you are looking for D cup bras or larger, if you have never tried a bra that includes an underwire, you should consider trying one out. Of course, the ultimate decision is really based on a matter of personal preference. However, an underwire bra, especially an underwire sports bra, provides an extra level of support that all plus-size bras should provide.

When trying on a plus-size bra that comes with an underwire, you should make sure that it fits correctly to avoid any unwanted chafing or rubbing.

3. Adjustable

The ability to adjust the fit of a bra is an extremely important aspect in choosing the best bra to meet your needs. An adjustable bra ensures you get the right fit each and every day. For instance, some bras only allow you to adjust the band and shoulder straps. However, you might need a bra that can change the level of support based on your specific needs, which can change from day to day.

Fortunately, some bras allow you to adjust the front panel as well. The ability to adjust the front panel ensures you will achieve the level of support you need across different workout routines or while simply walking into work.

4. The band

When it comes to proper support, the band of a bra plays an extremely important part. In fact, it is the band that is responsible for most of the support a bra provides. For instance, although the cups hold your breasts in place, the band holds the breasts up. If the band is too loose, it can slide up your back, resulting in inadequate support.

When trying on a bra, you can make sure the band fits correctly by simply sliding your finger between the band and your back. If there is no more than one inch of stretch, you can be sure you have found a correctly fitting bra. However, any more than one inch of stretch indicates that the band is too big and will not provide you the proper support. Conversely, if the bra contains an underwire and the underwire digs into your breast tissue or skin, the band is too small.

5. Activewear

When it comes to activewear, you may have noticed an increase in a variety of clothing lines. Although more choices will give you a better chance at finding the right bra, not all activewear lines are of the same quality. For instance, they vary in construction as well as style. Additionally, quite a few lines are devoted to the fashion aspect of the line rather than the functionality of the garments with respect to physical performance.

Because sports bras are intended to provide superior support during activities that require a lot of physical action, it is important that you look for a sports bra designed by a company focused on sports apparel. Such companies are in the sole business of designing top-quality sporting gear. As such, choosing a sports bra from a reputable apparel company ensures you will get the support you need in whatever activity you like to engage.

Posted by Lisa Eclesworth

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