5 Ways We Should Use Fudge Box as a Gift on Christmas?

Who doesn’t love turning their kitchen into a batch shop where Christmas fudge boxes are prepared? Everyone does right. If you are also fond of the gifting trend this article is for you. Whether you want to gift Christmas fudge boxes to your friends, family or neighbors, this article has got you covered. You will uniquely find the representation of fudge. Through this way, turn your fudge on a plate to a much more appealing dish. Explore the creative ways mentioned below. You will love these mini Christmas fudge box ideas.

1. Sticks in Christmas fudge boxes

You can experiment with fudge while inserting it onto the sticks. One can wrap up the fudge by dipping it into the hot chocolate. Who doesn’t appreciate the creative way of utilizing fudge?

All you can do is to grab a wooden stick. Simple use of popsicle can help even help you. Just get your steaming mills prepared or hot chocolates and you are all set. If you will be making use of marshmallows then that will be a cherry on top. Try to make everything at home and that too with your hands. The freshly made marshmallows will suit better than the market and bought one. Wrap these things ideally and this will not fail to wow many.

2. Cookie Cutter in Christmas fudge boxes

If you only have been told that fudge has to take the form of squares then washout this perception. You need to get creative and make use of cookie cutters. There are so many different shapes which you can explore and give a completely different look to your fudge. The best part is that you can even gift the cookie cutter to the person who is close to you along with the Christmas fudge boxes. All you need to do is cut simple shapes and that too from cool fudge slab. For a perfect shape, you need to make sure that your fudge slab is not thicker than the cutter itself.

3. Candy fudge

If you have not yet, then try to dress the cookies fudge a bit. All you need to do is to dress things up with candies and frosting. Are you concerned about the leftover fudge scraps? Well, just top the stuff to ice cream. Alternatively, you can try another approach and pour warm fudge into different shapes. Ensure to decorate the candies before letting the fudge to cool. You can browse around for further tips about how to top stuff.

4. Fudge Sauce in Christmas fudge boxes

Next, you can try gifting a homemade fudge sauce in Christmas fudge boxes which could be used happily in a sundae.

5. Ribbon Fudge

You can try availing different low-cost things in Christmas fudge boxes. Make sure that you making fudge in a disposable pan. Next, you need to let the mixture cool before cutting it. Decorate the square then with candies. All you need is the assistance of ribbon with which you can tie the stuff.