Why Spirulina is Getting Popular in Today’s Time?

Have you seen the blue-green beverage at the cafes? Do you know what the key ingredient is? Yes, it is spirulina which is the new superfood on the market. After lots of researches and medical studies, it has been proved that spirulina is one of the most beneficial algae that can be consumed in the form of supplements. From reducing your blood pressure to managing your weight, spirulina capsules come with huge benefits. If you don’t prefer that slimy recipes made of spirulina, you can go for supplements as those are the powerhouse of nutrients. Today, you will get an overview of this new superfood and also the reasons for its popularity. Read on to know more.

What is Spirulina?

It is blue-green algae that usually grows in the freshwater bodies, saltwater, and natural springs. The interesting fact about spirulina is that the use of it is not new! Though taking the supplement is a modern phenomenon, but recipes of spirulina and consumption of this healthy alga were popular in Central Africa from centuries. The best way to consume spirulina is in dried and pulverized form. Then you can add it to any foods, like oats, maca, wheatgrass, and so on. You can add it into salads or in certain beverages to make your food more nutritious.

Reasons for the Popularity of Spirulina

So far, you get the idea that spirulina is the name of new superfood. It is the powerhouse of nutrition and serves you with lots of other health benefits. Today, you will get to know why spirulina is trending now. Have a look-

  • You can tag food as superfood while it contains numerous nutrients along with lots of vitamins. Research says that spirulina is rich in vitamins, like vitamin B1, 2, and 3 along with other nutrients, like iron, potassium, magnesium, and so on. So, it is superfood.
  • Due to eating several things, your body creates toxins. Deposition of such toxins can cause several health issues. Spirulina is effective in detoxifying your body and cleanse it from inside. Spirulina is so active that it can remove heavy metals, like lead, mercury, etc. quite effectively. Spirulina is a high source of protein and peptide that are effective of binding those impurities in your blood and flushing those out from your body.
  • Spirulina is also good for boosting up the metabolism power of your body and in turn improves your immunity system. Spirulina is a rich source of a compound, known as phycocyanin. This is a type of antioxidant that fights against any damaging properties that cause harm to your cells. By this way, spirulina makes your immunity strong and builds a shield around you to protect you from diseases.

For these reasons along with lots of other benefits, spirulina is the new superfood in the market and the cafes, which are concerned to provide healthy foods, are also serving spirulina smoothies and other recipes to you. If you want to a supplement, know the spirulina price before buying it.