6 Outdoor Exercises to Try This Spring and Summer

After months of cold, dark, winter days, the arrival of spring can feel like a boost of warmth, light, and color. Spring and summer are seasons for growth and new beginnings, which is why many people see this season as the best time to start focussing on being more active, working out more often, and improving fitness. While the COVID19 pandemic has made it harder than usual to enjoy exercise over the past year due to the closure of fitness centers and gyms, the good news is that with the warmer weather just around the corner, safe outdoor exercise is once again going to be easier to achieve. 

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy getting more active this spring and summer. 


Going for a walk is a great way to spend your time and the best part about walking is that it’s very gentle exercise, which is perfect for anybody who’s been sedentary for some time and will need to build up their fitness levels. Walking through a scenic area often doesn’t feel like exercising since you can enjoy the view and have a nice conversation with whoever you’re walking with. Whether you decide to visit your local park or walk through gorgeous nearby countryside, the combination of exercise and spending some time in nature is sure to give your overall health and wellbeing a nice boost. Your dog will also enjoy this one!


If you have got a little bit more energy to burn off, jogging can be a great way to exercise outdoors, and with many jogging and running clubs to join, it can be a great social activity and a good way to meet like-minded people. As the mornings get brighter and warmer throughout the spring and summer, it is the perfect time for getting your day off to the best start with a morning jog. You might want to consider signing up for summer events like a sponsored charity run, to motivate you to get out jogging more throughout the spring. 


Cycling is an activity that the whole family can enjoy but is also just as pleasant to do on your own. One of the best things about cycling is that it’s a very low-impact exercise, so doesn’t affect your joints as much as walking or running, making it perfect for people of all ages and all experience levels. Cycling is a great way to boost your fitness levels and build strength. 

Be sure to get insurance for cyclists if you plan to ride your bike more often this spring. The right insurance for cyclists from Velosurance will ensure that you are financially protected in the event of a collision, if your bike causes damage to another’s property, or if your bike is damaged or stolen.  

Outdoor Fitness Classes:

While it might be a while before we feel comfortable enough to work out in the gym or an indoor fitness center due to the COVID19 pandemic, we can expect to see an increase in outdoor fitness classes throughout this spring and summer. Search in your local area to see if there are any fitness classes being held in your local park that you might be able to attend. Yoga classes, for example, are often held outdoors when the weather is nice and can be a great way to get more active, increase your flexibility, and meet some like-minded people in a safe and socially distanced manner. 


If you are looking for an outdoor activity that you can enjoy with your kids this spring and summer, why not try rollerblading? Whether you have fond memories of rollerblading as a child or have never tried it, it’s definitely a great way to get active as a family and enjoy your local outdoor spaces in a different way. Plus, if you are struggling with encouraging your kids to exercise more, this could be just what they need to get them moving. 

Horseback Riding:

Finally, if you love animals, horseback riding is a fun outdoor activity that you can do to stay active and get some exercise. The good news is that most riding schools and centers are still operating since they are usually outdoors, although you might need to keep some additional guidelines in mind when attending for COVID19 safety. Along with having the chance to bond with a majestic animal, horseback riding is a fun activity for the whole family that will work more muscles than you might expect. Riding is a great way to build core and leg strength while enjoying countryside surroundings and learning some new skills. 

If the COVID19 pandemic quarantines have left you exercising less than usual, take advantage of the upcoming spring and summer to get active outdoors and combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. There are plenty of great and safe outdoor activities to consider that you can do alone, with friends, or with your family.