Color Trends For Bridesmaids In 2021

Recently engaged?  Currently planning your dream wedding?  Then, you’re likely keeping your eyes on the year’s trending wedding themes and color palettes!  Bear in mind that one of the initial stages of planning your big day is choosing your bridesmaid’s color scheme. 

When it comes to choosing a color, you may inevitably experience getting overwhelmed by a plethora of combinations. Nonetheless, by taking into account the latest color trends, you may be able to get inspired, collect ideas, and know how you’d approach your wedding concept, from floral arrangements, to attires, and beyond.

Wedding Themes And Color Trends

As you scan through magazines, gather friends’ recommendations, or visit website or two to gather relevant information, you may recognize that some color trends sound familiar. This is because annual wedding themes and color trends are predicted by general, popular color combinations that have been circulating over the media. 

As you gradually gather inspiration for your bridesmaid’s color scheme, either to replan your entire motif or simply to cater a new season, this article has rounded up the latest color trends for bridesmaids in 2021.

1. Lilac And Lavender

Both lavender and lilac are named after flowers. These two colors are quite similar, that’s why their names are oftentimes used interchangeably by a lot of people. Nonetheless, each color has its own plethora of shades, all of which are strongly associated with grace and femininity.

Lilac and lavender are in shades of purple, which, when put together, makes a brilliant and gorgeous color palette for a fancy, romantic-themed or even traditional wedding. Moreover, this color palette remains to be on trend for bridesmaids this year, especially during spring and summer seasons. 

Additionally, the combination is suitable for a majority of garden and outdoor weddings as this exudes a simple yet stylish look. With their pale shades, lilac and lavender make for an excellent combination, particularly if you like to capture and collect light, fun, yet elegant wedding photos. 

To note, purple is regarded as a color of royalty. It’s often linked with novelty, luxury, and mystery. With all of these, no wonder why this palette is considered on trend for wedding colors this year.

Moreover, because they’re on trend, a lot of renting and retail businesses have a wide range of bridesmaid dresses in a myriad of designs and styles. This is perfect, especially if you prefer to have various looks and dress styles for your bridesmaids. Regardless of your style preferences, lilac and lavender will continue to exude a fresh and uplifting vibe that’ll enhance your overall wedding concept. 

In addition, one of the best wedding theme ideas you can refer to is to integrate this color scheme into your bridal bouquet, centerpieces, and décor. 

2. Neutrals

What makes weddings so beautiful?  Okay, apart from the celebration, dressing up will almost always be on the top list. 

With fall right on the corner, couples may start to consider another color trend for 2021 neutrals!  Of course, neutrals aren’t only suitable for fall or outdoor weddings; they can also be perfect for rustic, bohemian, minimalist, or even traditional church weddings.

Neutral color palettes continue to be a hit as they’re reliable. Also, neutrals can naturally be paired with other palettes. With a wide range of colors and shades, neutrals are going to attract attention and dominate this year. 

Colors such as taupe, ivory, cream, gray, blush, and dusty rose continue to be in demand for bridesmaid dresses. These variations look gorgeous with a muted yet elegant bouquet filled with white roses and peonies. Also, these colors typically evoke an appealing, calm, soft, and effortless chic vibe, which is perfect for wedding photos. 

Moreover, with the rise of dried flowers and greenery décor and accents, earth tones or neutrals for bridesmaid dresses are going to complement your entire wedding motif, and gorgeously at that. 

In addition, to supplement depth and make neutrals more visually interesting, it would be great to look for dresses that are designed in complementing textures. By mixing in other hues and textures, you can make your bridesmaids look luxurious and formal at the same time.

3. Blue

The classic blue will never go out of style, especially this 2021. With a color that’s associated with calmness, relaxation, depth, and formality, your guests will surely go swoon over blue. 

With a wide array of shades and variations, blue continues to be a staple in a lot of bridesmaid dresses and wedding aesthetics. If you prefer dark hues, you may go for navy, sapphire, and classic blues. However, if you want a muted tone, then you may opt for powder blue, periwinkle, and the like. When carefully planned, this color palette is incredibly flexible for nearly any season or style.

Final Thoughts

With a myriad of color trends popping this year, you might get overwhelmed by all the options. However, know that with the help of your bridesmaids’ suggestions, as well as some thorough research, you may be able to select a perfect color palette that’ll both enhance your motif and suit your preferences.