6 Reasons Why Women Enjoy Biking

More and more women are taking to the road on bicycles, and with good reason. With benefits like better mental health and improved environmental stewardship, there’s a lot to love about biking. Read on to learn a few of the reasons women love cycling.

Promotes Healthy Pregnancies

Because cycling is great for improving overall fitness, it’s ideal for preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy. From boosting your cardiovascular wellness to improving your flexibility, bike riding provides a base of good conditioning to shepherd you through a successful gestation.

Look & Feel Younger

Cycling reduces stress, improves circulation, and aids in weight loss. It also gets you outside to breathe fresh air and absorb healthy sunshine. Even if you don’t do all the pedaling yourself and opt for an electric womens bike, this winning combination of benefits makes you look and feel years younger.

Improves Mental Health

Women often bear a greater mental load than their male counterparts when working, raising children, and managing a household. The so-called “feel good” hormones that are released while cycling help to release the burden of those strains while boosting your mood and self-confidence.

Is Better for the Environment

Even if you only switch from your car to your bike for running weekend errands, getting around on pedal power is better for the climate than driving. Cutting back on the use of fossil fuels and reducing emissions is a win for the environment, and it’s more convenient than you think. Just toss your reusable shopping bags into a beach cruiser basket and head out for a productive trip around town.

Saves Time and Money

Most women will probably tell you there are two things they wish they had more of: time and money. It turns out that cycling can help on both points.

It’s often hard to motivate yourself to exercise when you can think of a million other things you could be doing with that chunk of time. Well, traveling to work on a bike lets you check exercising and commuting off your to-do list in one fell swoop. Riding also reduces fuel costs, and if you ditch your car altogether you can save even more by eliminating the need for auto insurance. It’s a savings win-win!

Brings Families Together

Because it’s an activity that’s easy to do as a family, bicycling is a wonderful way to spend more time together. It’s an enjoyable form of exercise that gets both kids and adults off the couch, and it encourages everyone in your brood to disconnect from his or her devices and reconnect with nature. Even before your kids have bikes of their own, you can toss a seat on the back of your cruiser and share quality family time outside.

From experiencing better overall health to creating a sense of family togetherness, there are so many reasons women love cycling. If you haven’t owned a bike since you were a kid, hop online to shop for the perfect bicycle or tricycle for adults today. Then get out and start riding!