List of High Sugar Foods & Drinks to Avoid

We all know that too much sugar is unhealthy, especially for healthy teeth and gums and if you are looking to lose weight, you should avoid certain foods and drinks that are high in sugar and contain many calories.

Here are some high sugar foods and drinks to avoid for a healthier diet.

  • Sugar sweetened beverages – Some soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, yet the major manufacturers understand the demand for sugar-free products, so you can find a sugar-free version for your favourite. Always check the ingredients of any new drink that your kids have discovered, as it might be unhealthy. Too much sugar might lead to visiting a dentist in Cronulla to combat tooth decay.
  • Fruit yoghurt – This can be as much as 35% sugar content, depending on the brand; there are sugar-free versions with artificial sweeteners, which are preferable. Even some fruits contain a lot of sugar; it is always good to rinse your mouth after drinking fruit juice, which removes a lot of the sugar and citric acid.
  • Fast food – Contrary to popular belief, fast food is high in sugar and too much is unhealthy; of course, we all love the occasional hamburger and fries, but you shouldn’t make a habit of consuming fast food. Aside from the calories, the high sugar content is unhealthy and isn’t the best diet. Click here for how to warm up before exercise.
  • Chocolate milk shake – At 400 calories a glass, chocolate milk shakes should not make up a part of your regular diet; sure, it is nice to enjoy a shake now and then, but don’t drink too many. If you are overweight, consuming too much sugar can bring on diabetes, not to mention the risk of tooth decay.

  • Pina colada – This is many people’s favourite cocktail, which is made with Jamaican rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice and there are a lot of calories in this drink, as nice as it is. That isn’t to say you can never have a pina colada again, but do remember that everything should be in moderation. Other cocktails also contain a certain amount of sugar and if you drink cocktails regularly check the calorie and sugar content.
  • Ready to eat cereal – Breakfast cereal is advertised as healthy, with lots of fibre, yet some brands contain a lot of sugar; you should read the ingredients before buying as there are some sugar-free brands.

You should always read the ingredients section of any food that you are thinking of purchasing; as the saying goes, “you are what you eat.”

Regular dental examinations

We should all visit our dentist twice a year, which gives the health professional an opportunity to inspect your teeth and gums and should there be any issues, prompt treatment is recommended. There are free resources online to help you create a good oral hygiene routine, which will reduce the risk of tooth decay, while reducing your sugar intake at the same time.