7 Exciting Things To Do In Myrtle Beach, SC

Who does not love a good vacay? We all love a good break from the usual life craziness. A vacation with a scarcity of activities can be very boring. However, Myrtle Beach arcade has a lot to offer for vacationers who visit Myrtle Beach.

Entertaining shows and tourists attractions at this arcade are suitable for both single people as well as families. These activities are also quite affordable for anyone who visits the Myrtle Beach.

To find out more, have a look at this sneak peek into the amazingness of Myrtle Beach arcade.

Experience Hollywood Glamour

If you want the Los Angeles, California glam experience, Myrtle Beach arcade is the place to be. You do not have to go to the actual California haven to experience the Hollywood glamour: Hollywood Wax Museum at Myrtle Beach will serve it to you on a silver platter. Its visitors get the best of treatments including having photos taken with their much loved Hollywood stars.

So, go ahead. Take a walk down that red carpet, meet and have some mellow time with your favorite stars.

Go dolphin cruising

If you want to experience the amazingness of the Atlantic coastline, Sea Thunder Dolphin Cruise is the place to get the perfect cruise. There is no perfect cruise as this since you get to explore the waters with the great dolphins for a whole 90 minutes. So, come on. Have an Intracoastal Waterway and marine wildlife experiences by visiting this great coastline with its amazing dolphins. Experience the beauty of an afternoon on Myrtle Beach arcade waters.

Take a ride on the great sky wheel

What better place to have a nice high view of the Grand Strand than the boardwalk’s heart. This is especially spectacular from enclosed gondolas. This sky wheel provides the highest point of observation for the East Coast Ferris wheel, as well as North America’s Atlantic Ocean. The nightly LED can also light up that moment even if you do not take the great sky wheel drive.

Take a dip at the water park

Every summer is awesome at the Myrtle Beach arcade. The perfect temperature at the time is quite suitable for a dip in cool waters. The arcade is equipped with a lot of water park options such as the Splashes Oceanfront Water Park and Myrtle Waves Water Park, which is South Carolina’s largest. So have fun at the lazy rivers, kids’ pools, and water slides.

Chill out at your hotel

A lot of hotels in Myrtle Beach arcade are full of so much fun. Many of them have pools, water parks, bars, lazy rivers, and bowling alleys that can keep you very engaged during your stay at Myrtle Beach. Captain’s Quarters Resort is one place with a lot of resources like a water park and bowling alley that can make your vacation quite fun. You can also explore other fun stuff at hotels like Crown Reef Beach Resort and Waterpark. So, do not be stressed out when you do not have much to do. Just chill in your hotel.

Race, race, race

If you love good competition, Myrtle Beach arcade can give you a lot of that. At Wild Water and Wheel Adventure Park, there are go-kart tracks, rides, slides, bumper boats etc. that you and friends can race around in.

Take a walk at the Brookgreen Gardens and the state park

One of Myrtle Beach arcade beauties – south of Myrtle Beach – is the Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet. This garden is 9000 acres large, with a National Historic Landmark. Taking a walk at the garden can be breathtaking as you will see live oak trees, a well-manicured garden as well as artwork exceeding 2000 pieces. The pieces include the art of wildlife animals including those that existed in the 18th and 19th century.

Myrtle Beach arcade also has two well-known state parks: Huntington Beach State Park and Myrtle Beach State Park. A walk at these state parks can offer you a peaceful outlook of the natural coastline with nature trails that you can take a walk-in, surf fishing spots, as well as grounds where you and your friends or family can camp. There are also cabins that you can rent. These cabins are very historic as they date back from the 1930s.

There are plenty of other fun activities that you can do like attending the Le Grande Cirque, which is an amazing acrobatic delight at Myrtle Beach arcade. You will not regret this amazing acrobatic performance that normally lasts 2 hours.

There is also the Yesteryear Museum Wheels that you can also pay a visit to and make lovely memories. The Wheels of Yesteryears Museum will be breathtaking if you love classic cars. This Myrtle Beach Arcade classic amazingness is one to never miss as it has over 100 classic cars like Convertible, Mercury Cyclone, and Stingray. Some of these cars have been in movies such as “Joe Dirt.” You cannot miss the amazingness in these classic machines.

There are lots of fun activities that can keep you quite busy on your vacation. You can never get bored at Myrtle Beach arcade. If you are looking for a place to go to and have some alone time or hang out with your family or friends, then the Myrtle Beach arcade is the place to be. Here, you can get whatever you want, do whatever you want at a very affordable price. This is a place where you can relieve yourself of the stress from daily life hurdles.

So, if you are looking into going for an awesome holiday, Myrtle Beach arcade is just the place for you.