Ideas for Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Although mutual love and respect between spouses should be present every day, 365 days of the year, the wedding anniversary is still a special day and should be celebrated.

It should serve as a reminder of your eternal love.

Because it is the day when you write another year in the calendar of your love, which is more than enough reason to celebrate.

But what is a perfect gift for such an important day?

Keep reading, and we believe that you will quickly come up with the right gift idea for your partner.

We know how choosing the right gift for an anniversary can be a difficult task. So, we have compiled a list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts for her.

Let’s begin.

Ideas for Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1. Gift Ideas for the 1st Anniversary – PAPER

It may sound ridiculous to say that paper is a traditional gift for the first anniversary of a marriage, but it really is.

According to the old tradition, the spouse was given a blank sheet of paper for their first anniversary. On that paper, partners are supposed to write their love story together.

Nowadays, it is unlikely that someone will decide to go with a gift like this. But you should consider other kinds of paper gifts such as gift vouchers or romantic trip tickets.

There are countless opportunities to stick to tradition and still make gifts quite modern.

2. Gift Ideas for the 5th Wedding Anniversary – WOOD

The tree represents a symbol of wisdom, strength, and time.

Just like a tree, which puts its roots deep in the ground and withstands storms and weather, your marriage is strong enough after 5 years and cannot be easily shaken.

Moreover, how days are passing by, your relationship becomes stronger and more ready to withstand all the ups and downs that the future brings.

Therefore, let the gifts you choose for your spouse this time be made of wood.

You can opt for an ornamental houseplant. You can find those in any flower store in Dubai.

3. Gift Ideas for the 10th Wedding Anniversary – TIN and ALUMINUM

After ten years of marriage and numerous overcomed obstacles that life brought upon you, it can be said that your marriage is successful.

For that reason, it is traditionally believed that gifts for the tenth wedding anniversary should be made of tin.

As it is made of copper and bronze, tin is resistant to rust, and therefore to time, because it does not wear out.

Another traditional option are anniversary gifts made out of aluminum, as it symbolizes flexibility and durability.

Therefore, a lovely gift for this occasion could be a personalized aluminum of tin box for memories. After ten years spent together, you certainly have a lot of beautiful memories.

4. Gift Ideas for the 15th Wedding Anniversary – CRYSTAL

The fifteenth anniversary of marriage is considered a crystal anniversary.

What is the meaning of crystal gifts?

Although after 15 years of marriage, it is clear that you are destined for each other, and crystal gifts represent your bright future and great love.

In this case, traditional gifts coincide with more modern ones, because crystals never go out of fashion.

Crystal gifts can be in the form of jewelry or crystal fashion details for your home.

5. Gift Ideas for the 20th Wedding Anniversary – China

Now that your marriage has been going on for twenty long years, nothing seems to be able to spoil it.

However, although your love is strong after so many years, it is also tender and fragile at the same time, just like the symbolism that China carries with it.

If you cannot travel to China, beautiful porcelain set from China can be a perfect symbolic gift.

Also, if your partner loves flowers, a Chinese flower vase would be a perfect choice.

With a bouquet of roses (which you will buy in the local flower store), the vase will be an excellent detail.

6. Gift Ideas for the 25th Wedding Anniversary – SILVER

Silver Anniversary Gift Idea

Now that you are halfway through those “golden” 50s, your marriage has reached astonishing heights and deserves admiration.

To make your marriage shine like silver, celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with silver jewelry or personalized silverware, which has a special meaning.

As always, in addition to all these traditional gifts, don’t forget the flowers. Flowers are definitely an additional way to please our better halves.

So, stop by any flower store in Dubai and choose a bouquet of flowers that will go along with the silver.

We hope we have helped you choose a traditional wedding anniversary gift, or at least gave you some ideas. You can find additional tips and ideas at the following link:

A Few Words in the End

Nowadays, there are countless gifts that we can buy for our loved ones.

Every gift shop is full of so-called gifts, but in most cases, there is nothing in those gifts that is a reflection of love.

Therefore, we think it is time to turn to tradition and take into account the meaning of the gifts we have intended for someone we want to spend the rest of our lives.