7 Tips in Choosing Furnitures for a Small House

A home is so many things at the very same time. This is where people rest their heads and relax. It is also where they bring guests. Tiny houses Australia make a good place to live. If you are thinking about your own personal tiny house, you’ll want to furnish it in a way that makes it as easy as possible to enjoy living in one.

Consider Colors

Color adds a lot to any space. If you’re working with a tiny home, think about using lots of very subtle colors. Soft shades of peach, light brown and a understated yellow bring in color without overwhelming the interior spaces. Make it glow with carefully chosen hues.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning is a must for any homeowner. This is especially true in a smaller home. All surfaces need to be easy to clean. Anyone who owns a tiny home should look for furnishings that can be cleaned without a problem. Materials like leather can be ideal. Think about fabrics that can be lifted from the item and put in the wash. Cotton slipcovers and other linens can serve as a means of keeping things fresh and new as well as neat and tidy.

Innate Style

Style is crucial in any home no matter how big or small. Good furnishings will have the kind of style that the homeowner wants. They do not need to be large to make an impact on the home. A single large piece such as a large settee, can serve as the room’s focal point and create lots of interest. The other items can be scaled down but still with the same feel. For example, it’s easy to do mid century modern style by having many pieces in the same color and materials.

Many Functions

When space is scarce, it’s a good idea to think about making sure that each and every single piece that you bring home to use there counts. Look for items that can be used for more than one purpose in any room. For example, a sofa bed is good for seating and for your guests when they arrive. The same is true of other pieces. A coffee table with an inset that can be lifted and serve as an office desk makes it easy to have a home office. All furnishings should ideally do double duty.

Space for Guests

Space for guests is another thing that many people want to accomplish. As the owner of a smaller house, you might have a home that is located near a desirable feature such as next to the beach. Even the tiniest of houses can have items that allow for travelers to stop off and say hello. Beds can be made from just about anything. A regular bed can have a trundle that folds underneath it. Large chairs can be unfolded to make a single bed at night. Items like a futon should be a part of any planning when working with a tiny home.

Think Seating

Seating is one of the single most important considerations when working on furnishings for any small home. The ideal furnishings for the small home allow people to have all the seating they need. Consider the use of a large love seat that allows two people to sit down at the same time. A series of smaller chairs can be used for dining. Chairs made of lightweight material like wicker and rattan help keep it light and airy in any room in the smaller home. They can even be kept outside when they are not in use.

Total Comfort

Homeowners want to stretch out and feel comfortable. Good furnishings should allow them to accomplish this goal. Look for items that feel good on the fingers like thick cotton. Accessories can be used to help add that sense of relaxation. Placing a series of throw pillows on the sofa lets people stretch out and take a nap on a spring afternoon. Lighting can be used to set a mood and make it feel cozy. Items like large cushions can be brought from one part of the home to the next. Everything should work together when decorating a tiny home of your own.

Posted by Lisa Eclesworth

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