What to Consider When Building a Fence for Your Dog?

What to Consider When Building a Fence for Your Dog? Owners with dogs need a fence that will safely keep their beloved pet while retaining a beautiful look for their landscape. Perhaps you are looking for something that will keep your pet in a specific area while they can play under your supervision. There are however a few things you need to consider when building a fence for your dog. Also note, you can perform this as your own DIY project if you are a weekend warrior or alternatively assign fencing contractors to do it for you.

The size of the dog

The size of your pet plays an enormous role in where and what type of fence you need to get. Having a fence with big enough gaps can be a problem if you have a small-sized breed. Small dogs can easily escape through those gaps causing you even more problems. On the other hand, bigger breeds can attempt to escape through said gaps and get stuck, or even worse, injured in the process. The perfect way you can go about this is by getting an aluminum fence with pickets relative to the size of the dog. Another option is just getting a fence with no gaps in it, providing maximum security and privacy.

His abilities

There are many tricks owners teach their dogs. Many of them are obedience tricks, where your dog learns to walk beside you or sit. However, there are skills that dogs can learn on their own. Plenty of owners have witnessed their dogs opening doors on their own, meaning your dog can learn to open a fence door as well. Part of choosing the right fence is also choosing the right gates. There are child safety gates, as well as other locking mechanisms that can help avoid your pet escaping.

Existing fence

If you already have a fenced up area around your house, your dog might be familiar with it and may already know how to escape from it. That’s why it’s not such a good idea to use the fence around your house as a fence to keep your dog at. This is especially hard for dogs that like to dig or open fences. These patterns of digging up fences may be hard to stop, so thinking about getting a new fence that your dog is not familiar with could be your best call. Creating a new environment might stop these old habits from happening. Most dogs attempt to escape because they see other dogs walking by, so getting a fence that limits their vision and decreases distractions could stop this behavior.

Size of area

Once you have figured out the fence material and your dog’s behavior, you can start to think about the size of the fenced area. Firstly, if you determined that you have a large-sized breed, think about the height of the fence. This is very important since larger dogs can most likely just jump over the fence. Picking the right height could be crucial to keep your dog safe. The last thing to consider is how much of your property is going to be accessible to your dog. While some owners solely fence off their back yard, there are ways to fence select areas of the yard for your furry friend to enjoy.