9 Real Joys of Being a Mom

Being a mom is indeed not a cup of tea. This is the most challenging, most fun, hardest, and most interesting thing a girl must do in her life. When you become a mom, you realize how rewarding every day is.

We live in an honest world, where every mother’s honesty speaks about their parenting, which is awesome. Moms have opened their inner doors of messy motherhood. They let us know that we are not alone in the challenging, sometimes dark, and sometimes brighter than sunny days.

Indeed, with motherhood, there comes a lot of challenges, such as lack of vacation, lack of sleep, and maybe no time for yourself.

Here I have compiled down a few refreshing points to make you realize how lucky you are to be a “MOM.”

1. Watching them learn

The best part of being a mother is to experience the success and learning part of your child daily. Watching them from figuring out the world to achieving their own little goals, I cannot even explain how magical these moments are. 

2. The sound of their laughter

You cannot find anything so pure than the laughter of a child. When your baby learns to laugh, you cannot get enough of their laughter and try every possible stupid or funny way, just to listen one more time those giggles. Laughter is their hilarious way of communication. 

3. Being my child’s “ROLE MODEL”

I love the feeling, that I can inspire my little one. It makes me a better person. I try to avoid all bad habits and adopting all good new habits, just to set a perfect example for my child. I love it when I am going to do something wrong and suddenly my kid pops up in my mind and I realize, how it will create an impact on him. These feelings keep me away from all bad and evil thoughts because now I think more of him than of myself. 

4. Dressing up my baby

From finding unisex baby clothes to buying those cute baby onesies. I just love to shop for my baby one and love to dress him up. I have always found dressing up a fun activity, their cute little outfits attract me to bits. Especially being a fashion and shopping freak my sensitivity for choosing the right outfit has just gone to another level after my first child is born. I always love to put him in the best dresses and adore his cuteness. 

5. Finding joy in simple things

Since I have grown up, I have stopped experiencing the little happiness and moments in my life such as to stop and smell roses. To appreciate nature. But since I have become a mother, it feels like I am experiencing my childhood all over again with my child. I have started to do all these things all over again with my little one. I have gotten to see the beautiful wonders of life and the world through the eyes of my child.

6. Unconditional love flows between me and my child

There is an unknown and beautiful bonding between me and my child. Whenever I get upset or start to cry, my child always comes to console me. Whenever my husband (just to see our kid’s reaction) hit me (fake) my baby starts to cry as well and feels like trying to protect me. The moments get so emotional, that he cannot see me in pain and tries to protect me even he is so small. 

7. Bravery

Maternal extinct makes you brave as well. No matter how coward you feel from inside or how badly you fear ghosts or anything else, but when it comes to protecting your child, the bravery comes out of nowhere. The thought of protecting my child gives me the courage to conquer and face my fears so that I can allow and set an example for him that there is no fear and difficulty in the world which you can’t face or get over with. 

8. To enjoy special moments

When your child is growing, his every first-time experience is a special moment for you, such as when he first says “mama”, when he first starts to crawl or walk, when he first says a sentence, when he first goes to school. Whatever the special moment is, you enjoy it with your baby. 

9. Having the opportunity to make the world a better place

There is a famous saying that mothers are a nation builder. I have bought a really cute shirt for my baby from Lavendersun, it says “I want to make the world a better place”. Whenever I dress up my baby in that shirt it gives me the courage to make him a better person, who can change the world.  The way one bad fish can ruin the whole pond likewise one good fish can save the whole pond. You just need to prepare your kid to stand out as a good one who saves the rest.