How to Design an Invitation Card

How to design an invitation card Invitation cards are the first idea about any upcoming auspicious moment. Whenever I receive an invitation card, the first thing I notice is the look of the card and quite naturally I gauge the happiness of the sender by its presentation. Even though sending invitations has been an old tradition in almost every culture, but nowadays, it has become a part of the materialistic approach. Many people will not join your merry making ceremony if you will not send them an invitation, such attitudes are not kind and friendly at all.

With such a demand in designing and crafting invitation cards, people are now expecting the wedding planners to include the invitation letters and cards to their packages but not everybody is able to afford them. card designing is itself a profession, you might have heard about the personalized change of address cards, now social media and cyberspace have demolished such activities, but still you cannot tell your boss that you changed your address in an informal way.

Anyhow, as far as the invitation cards are concerned, the prices are extremely high, and a mediocre will find it difficult to have hundreds of invitation cards.

Keeping in view these difficulties, I have come up with the ideas for creating your DIY invitation cards, of course it will cost you some money and a lot of time, but still it can work if you plan on work on it with your close friends/family members. Not only this, you can have some great fun while designing these cards.

If in case, you feel that you will not be able to design or create DIY cards then we have got another option for creating them online. there is several software that claim to design beautiful house warming invitations for various events.

Plan and paperwork

You need to plan first. This step will include some research as well. online research for the best invitation cards will help. You must search with the right keywords, or you must simply visit an invitation cards designing shop and have a look at some of the best cards.

It is not copying; you must only catch up some excellent ideas and themes for designing a card. Now, when you have a vague idea about the invitation card you must design it on a paper and color it as well. If you want to make a digital printed card, then you must do it on a graphic designing application or simple paint would be useful.

Decide the dimensions

When you have decided the design and color of your cards, you can have a wide variety of colors for your prospective invitation cards. The next step will be deciding the dimensions and size. Now a few things will decide the dimensions of your invitation card. It will be the details you want to share through the invitation card. If you are thinking of sharing a lot of things, such as the reason for the event then you need to design a big card.

Make a sample

Now that you have decided everything, it is the time to create a sample. If you are designing a traditional card that would be cut and created, then take out all the required tools. For example, scissors and cutters. You can also create a stamp using various vegetables it will look cool.

Making a sample will give you a visual proof of your idea, maybe you will see a lot of loopholes. Sample production will help you understand the process. In case of digital designing you will need to create it through a software installed in your laptop or computer.

Make a budget and the number of cards required

Creating a lot of cards all by yourself will be difficult, you need to make a budget so that you should not waste money. it will require a survey of the market, it would be wonderful and easy to create cards, if you will visit the market for understanding the rates of the paints and papers required to create the cards. If you want digital printed cards then again you might not need a lot of tangible tools, but you would need papers and cutters. Moreover, the publisher will also ask for a few bucks.

Prepare the cards

Select a time and create the cards. You should start creating them almost three weeks before the event. Creating invitation cards alone will be difficult but if you will start with your friends and family then it will become a great journey.