A Beginner’s Guide To Shopping For Hats For Big Heads

A hat can be a practical statement accessory that brings together your look beautifully. However, finding ways of incorporating different types and designs of hats into a wardrobe can be a struggle for a beginner. 

Hats may be a common accessory but it also comes with many advantages that aren’t just fashion and style-related. Hats protect the skin on your face and head from sunburns and shade your eyes from bright rays that may affect your vision.  Hats also help regulate your body temperature. On cold days, they will keep your head and ears warm and toasty. 

If you are one of those people with a big head, shopping for one may be quite challenging.  No need to worry. This guide will help you find the perfect hats for big heads. Read on! 

  • Try Different Styles Of Hats

Fashion trends change from time to time, and hats have not been left behind either. However, not all new and trendy styles suit a big head. 

Take your time to try out different variations of hats to find out how wide their circumference is and how deep it goes. You may opt to visit stores of professional hat manufacturers, such as American Hat Makers, as they offer different styles and designs that’ll fit various head sizes, including big ones. Some hat makers also offer customization so that it’ll sit perfectly on your head. 

Some of the styles that are ideal for big heads include: 

  • Baseball caps

When shopping for these caps, go for fitted hats that are rounder and have a deep dome that provides adequate space. Choose baseball caps with snaps that will allow for circumference adjustment. 

  • Pageboy hat 

A pageboy hat comes with a flat brim that can be pushed out to create a deeper effect and goes as high as a size 8 ½. 

  • The Bucket hats

Bucket hats are designed with a deep dome that forms a complete cover over your head. The rounded top effect offers more space for big heads.

  • Sun Hats

They have a deep dome and ranges in sizes that’ll be perfect for people with large heads. They are very versatile and come in different styles, including fedoras, cowboy hats, among others. 

  • Beanies

Nothing screams comfort like beanies, and their stretchability allows them to fit everyone. Beanies are normally round in size, which gives enough space for people with big heads. They are also comfortable to wear, even for long periods.

  •  Get The Right Sizes

First, you have to know your hat size to get the right fit every time you buy one. Find a professional to measure your head and help you identify the right size.  You can also research how to do it on own your own if there is no one reliable in your area.  

Hats fall into three categories of fit, including low-profile, standard, and unstructured. A low-profile fit has a low crown that fits snuggly with a shallow structure of 6 ¾ to 7 ¾; that translates to 21 ¼ to 24 ¼ inches around the head. And just like low-profile, unstructured fits have shallow fits of 6 ¾ to 7 ½ which is 21 ¼ to 23 ½ inches in circumference, making them among the smallest sizes.

Standard fits may be the best for people with big heads as it has a medium profile with a deeper structure that comes with an adjustable snapback of 7 ¼ to 8, which is 22 5/8 to 25 inches around the head. In addition, it has a deeper crown with enough space to fit a big head without being restrictive.

When buying hats, find both the right fit and size so you can wear them with much comfort.

  • Consider The Shape Of Your Face

During the selection process, the shape of your face will affect the type of hat that will perfectly complement your face. 

  • Oblong: An oblong-shaped face has a long parallel line between the face and chin, making it appear longer than its wider. Beanies are the best option for this face shape 
  • Diamond: People with diamond shapes should look for medium to wide-brimmed hats due to their wide cheekbones, narrow forehead, and pointed chin 
  • Square: For the square-faced profile, wide strong jawbone, cheeks, and forehead need floppy and curvy hats, including the bucket hat 
  • Round: If you have a round face, opt for hats that are tilted forward, with a peaked brim to the side, such as the pageboy hat, to create more angles to the face

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve chosen to embrace hats as accessories, you’ll need to choose the right types to suit your style and personality. Needless to say, consulting a hat professional can help you accomplish this easily. 

Once you find the size, know your fit, and style that favor your head size, shopping for hats for big heads will be a breeze.