A Child’s Birthday Party Planning Guide

Planning for your kid’s birthday is no walk in the park. Children like magical things and achieving this for him or her and their friends is not particularly easy. Also, you want to ascertain the parents of the other kids that they are being taken care of. To ensure that the birthday party of your child turns out to be as expected, here is an easy guide for things to keep in mind.

A Child’s Birthday Party Planning Guide

Pick a Party Theme

This is the first thing to address when it comes to preparing any party. Observe what your kid likes and hold a conversation with them to get an idea of their interests. Perhaps they like superheroes or Disney princesses, or maybe a color combination. If your child is into arts and crafts, why not throw a paint party which will also help with the kids’ creativity. Setting a theme is essential as it paves the way for the rest of the activities and requirements. Check out this crafting guide for beginners to get more ideas.

Pick a Date

We all like it when a birthday party coincides with the birthday and so, planning the party the weekend right after the actual date.

Venue and Budget

Depending on how much you have to spend, consider holding the party in a restaurant, hotel, or banquet hall where catering is handled, thus taking off a burden of your shoulders. If you want to save more, then hold the party at a church hall. These options allow you to transform the space to fit the occasion while providing adequate space for the guests.

Decor Mood Board

When you are done with the venue and budget, the next step is to create a mood board full of decor ideas and invitations. One of the best places to start your search is Pinterest and Instagram. You can easily come across ideas for decor, invitations, party bags, gifts, cakes, entertainment, and even full themes.

In this regard, it’s advisable to keep your inspiration in one place for quick reference. Once you come across a theme that checks your list, stop the search as it is easy to go down a rabbit hole.

Invitations and Guest List

A kid’s birthday party is no party without guests. As such, you’ll want to create a list of your kid’s friends and ensure you add family members as well. Send out the invitations a few weeks prior to the big day so that people have enough time to save and plan for the occasion.

When it comes to invitations, try to make them as personalized as possible, as this adds a special touch to the event. Consider including your little one’s preferred theme as it will make his or her friends even more excited.

Booking Entertainment

Regardless of your budget, it is important to have an entertainer to keep the kids engaged. Birthdays with enjoyable moments create a lifetime of joyful memories in both kids and adults. Also, children love talking about the mascots and similar entertainers they have met.

The Birthday Cake

This, is without a shadow of a doubt, the most important element of a kid’s birthday party. It is what signifies that they have grown a year older. Similar to venues, you will have a lot of options when it comes to cakes. Unless you are a great baker, consider hiring a cake designer for a creation that matches the theme. You can also decide to get one from the supermarket. However, a personalized cake will always win our hearts as it adds that special touch.

The Catering

What is a party without proper food? When planning this, ensure you ask whether any guests have allergies so that you can ensure plenty of options for everyone. If you decide to hire out a birthday venue, ensure you have small hot portions that appeal to the children. If you decide to do all the cooking, healthy sandwiches or hummus with carrot sticks are always a good option. Pizza is always a wholesome option for kids, especially when served hot.

Of course, you need desserts for your little one’s party. Sweetie tables are a great option as you can customize them in accordance with the party’s theme. Also consider themed candies, cake pops, cupcakes and of course, ice cream!

Party Bags

Every kid likes to leave a party with a party bag, making this an option that would make the party even more memorable. Most party bags include bubbles, stickers, and stationery, but you can go further and include coloring books, picture books, journals, etc. Make yours stand out with a unicorn light up bubble wand! Also, consider using reusable bags.