CBD Gives Autistic Children New Hope

Why existing autism medications have failed

Many of the drugs prescribed to autistic children are strong and have side effects – Abilify and Seroquel are two prominent examples. These anti-psychotic meds aren’t even intended to be given to children or to treat autism, they are just the best the mainstream has to offer. Learn more to know why CBD cartridges have such a positive impact.

Abigail Dar, a mother of an autistic son, has voiced her worries about the antipsychotic drugs which are prescribed to children with autism, pointing out that there are no lifelong studies confirming the safety of these pharmaceuticals. Dar, who advocates cannabis as treatment for autism in Israel, a hotbed for cannabis research adds that Seroquel, Abilify and the like are not made for young children, especially those as young as five.

Stomach pain, weight gains, drowsiness and dizziness are common side effects from taking these antipsychotic drugs. It’s bizarre and unacceptable that they remain the primary treatment for autism. Many parents have said that it puts their children into zombie-like states, making it even harder for them to deal with their social disabilities. Dar questions how it can be right to give antipsychotic drugs to children “who can’t communicate how they feel.”

Furthermore, according to Dar, antipsychotic meds like Abilify have a side effect which lowers the seizure threshold. Since autistic children are more vulnerable to seizures – nearly one in three people with autism also have epilepsy – this is a serious concern. Dar reckons that her son’s epilepsy, which he did not contract until the age of 16, was not a symptom of autism but a direct side effect of antipsychotic medication.

Dar wonders why doctors are prescribing medication which increases the risk of seizures to children who are already at a higher risk of getting epilepsy than the rest of the population.

However, parents are finding that marijuana – and specifically CBD – works better than Seroquel and the like and is nowhere near as dangerous. High-CBD, low-THC cannabis oil has no hallucinogenic side effects and, at worst, only induces drowsiness. CBD spray by CBD genesis is a wonderful natural chemical for autistic children to medicate with, as it re-engages them with other people instead of isolating them further.

There definitely seems to be a future for CBD in treating autism. The anecdotal stories are now too great in number for scientists to ignore, and it’s now up to experts to confirm just why CBD is so much more effective than current medication.

Families are becoming increasingly sceptical of pharmaceuticals, understandably given the situation with autism. It’s likely that even more people will gravitate to natural cannabinoid treatments as the benefits become even clearer.