A Few Tips That Can Help You to Get the Verification Badge on Instagram

If you are a user of the social platform Instagram , you might have seen a small blue tick next to some users’ usernames and you may be wondering what this is. The answer is that this blue tick is actually a verification tick which shows that those users’ accounts have been checked and verified by Instagram and that their Instagram accounts’ are represented by authentic people that have created the accounts.

The verification on Instagram is similar to the one on Twitter and it gives the other users of the platforms the confidence to know that they correspond with real accounts not fake ones. Most of the verified accounts on Instagram belong to public figures , popular brands or influencers , but now every user on Instagram has the option to apply and receive the blue tick , of course Instagram’s team needs to approve the request.

However not many people that apply actually receive those ticks and you may be wondering what you have to do in order to have this blue verification tick next to your username , so in this article we have collected a few tips and tactics that may help you to get the verification badge. Whether you have just joined Instagram or you have already have your established profile ,if you manage to get your own verification badge, this can bring you many benefits  and also it will build credibility for your brand or for yourself  so we hope that this article will help you to get your blue badge and grab all the benefits that come with being verified.

We have to admit that having the blue badge next to your username is also a sign that you are some kind of popular or significant. Until recently this verification tick stayed next to the names of only celebrities and popular brands but now all of the users can apply for this badge quite easily. Here are the steps you need to make:

First you should navigate to “Settings” then to “Account “ and then you need to click on “Request verification“. After the previous is done you need to take a picture of your ID or driving license in order to verify your identity. If your request is approved by Instagram , this has the potential to convert your followers into customers if you are using Instagram as a method of earning money , because people will be sure that they interact with the real authentic owner of the account.

As we mentioned with one of the recent updates Instagram has added the function for every user to be able to apply for the verification process , however Instagram announced that in order to be verified your account needs to be in public interest. Some people think that the number of followers is of essential importance and they buy real followers on Instagram to increase this number, however Instagram states that this is not enough and you need to maintain some other standards. In order to get verified , your account needs to be absolutely authentic and you need to prove that you are the one who stays behind the account. You also need to generate a good engagement rate , which means that your audience should be interested in your content and they should correspond with your uploads.

Another thing that is required from Instagram in order to provide you the blue tick is to have your account reachable for the other users ,which means that your account needs to be public and open ,because Instagram will not verify a private Instagram page ,because private accounts do not cover the requirements. Also you need to fulfill your bio section correctly with information that represents you the best with a few words. Another requirement is to have a nice profile picture and some unique images and videos on your account.If you are consistent on Instagram and you upload unique content it may also help you to get the verification badge.

If you manage to cover the requirements we have mentioned above in this article you may be able to get the verification badge next to your username. If you think that your Instagram page already covers all of the requirements , you can apply and try to get the blue tick now.