How to Optimize YouTube Channel for Maximum Results

When it comes to YouTube domination, you should start with the basics. In most cases, people often overlook this part – optimizing YouTube channels with the basics. In this post, you’ll learn how to use basic settings of YouTube to get thousands of subscribers easily

Setting up and design for promoting the channel on YouTube

These moments are often overlooked. But in vain. Technical customization makes it more visible to search algorithms and expands its basic functionality. And the design is what a new user sees when he gets to your channel and largely influences his desire to stay or leave.

What you should pay attention to during technical setup: Our full technical customization checklist contains more than 5 items. But let’s single out the most priority ones: 


Pay special attention to the visible area up to the More button (up to 140 characters with spaces). It is this area that ranks best. The most important information should fit here: the main key phrase, the name of the brand or channel, what it is about, for whom it is; Answers to the questions “about” and “for whom” have already been prepared at the previous stage “Content strategy”.

Name. We recommend adding a key phrase with a large search volume to the title. Try not to exceed 3-4 words in length;

Playlists. Divide all content into subtopics and create playlists with descriptions;

External links. Add links to the site you need and groups in social networks. They will be available in the description and header;

Linking to the site. Link the channel to your site (if necessary and technically feasible).

Tags. Add keywords that are relevant to your channel theme and branded queries. Try to add tags that have a high search volume;

Trailer . Install the channel trailer (if available);

Home page. Add sections to the Home page (10 sections in total), including those with partner channels;

Additional functions. Some functions become available only after confirmation of the account by phone. For example, videos longer than 15 minutes, custom icons (previews), live broadcasts. Do it.

Re-designing YouTube channel in the middle of the journey

What you should pay attention to when designing a channel: As they say – there are no comrades for taste and color. From our experience, we can confirm this. But there are points that should be considered regardless of tastes and preferences.

A person should understand in a couple of seconds what he is about and why he is watching. The answers to these questions should be obtained at the initial stage of the “content strategy”. Also, the information is taken from the description that we filled out in the previous stage “technical setup”. A common mistake when the designer is assigned this job. Don’t do that. The designer works with ready-made meanings and embodies them into an image;

The header (cover) must be correctly displayed on all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs). Important information must be legible and not clipped;

The corporate identity of your company or blog should be taken into account -If there is one. They will be guided by the header when they draw icons (previews) and when decorating videos during editing. Everywhere there should be a theme and a single line of design.