A Guide to Buying a Table Lamp

Lighting never has to mean just one overhead ceiling beam, it can be much more interesting than that. To add some personality to your space, follow this guide to buying and displaying the perfect table lamp in your home:

What to look for in a table lamp

There are a few variances to consider when looking into adding table lamps to your home:

Material: You can find a really wide spectrum of material finishes for table lamps, with some of the most popular being metal and acrylic. Alternately you can introduce a classic tone with ceramic or glass finishes. Make sure your choice reflects the style of your overall household and you won’t go wrong.

Shape: The shape of your lamp will really decide on the effect that it has on the look of a room. From classic, to sculptural, to industrial, there are so many shapes of lamps that will fit different homeware styles.

Shades: The lamp shade is what will determine the type of light that the lamp will bring to a space. The most common shapes are the empire and the rectangle. Alternate shapes like the box pleat or the bell will bring more of a traditional feel to a room. Opt for a tinted lamp shade for an added tonal effect, warmer shades will shed a cosy light whereas cooler will look edgier and brighter.

How to display your lamp

Once you’ve chosen your perfect table lamp it’s time to get thinking about how you want to showcase it in your home. Consider these factors when you’re ready to show off your light fixtures:

Cables: To keep your home looking neat, be sure to hide away lamp cables and switches. More often than not these can be pretty unsightly, so be sure to avoid the aesthetic interruption by tucking them away behind your furniture. Tape your wires down for added security and a long term effect.

Bulbs: Put some thought into what bulbs you’re placing inside your table lamp. For this you’ll need to consider the function of the light, if it’s for reading then go for brighter light. For more comfort in bedrooms and snugs you can choose something dimmer to add to the ambience.

Dimmers: A dimmer can be a great addition for your table lamp, by altering the brightness you’ll have a multifunctional light source to suit any time or mood.

Accessories: Table lamps are often displayed in the same location of homeware accessories. Avoid any clumsy looking collections by coordinating colour schemes and materials.

Mix and Match: To incorporate more texture into a room, you can mix and match your light fixtures. This will bring an eclectic, slightly more boho vibe to your home whilst still keeping it homely.

Care: Show your lamps the same amount of love and attention as you would your other accessories and knick-knacks. By keeping them dusted and stored with an up-to-date bulb every now and then, you’ll have a fresh looking light for a longer time.

Where to put your table lamp

Now you’re confident in displaying your table lamp, you can get placing! Choosing the right location is key to maximising the function and look of a light. Consider these spots for the best table lamp showcase:

The Hallway: By placing your lamp in your front hallway you are immediately introducing an inviting and homely impression for yourself, your family and your visitors. Hallways are also an area where you keep loose change, keys and shoes, therefore a little extra light will be handy for your daily search when you’re one foot out the door.

The Living Room: Side tables and stools are a lovely destination for your table lamp. Utilise these elements in your lounge or living area to create a relaxed mood, by placing a lamp here you will also be benefitting from a great reading light.

The Bedroom: Opt for a compact and delicate table lamp for your bedside tables and cabinets. This placement will add a comforting ambience to your bedroom and will function as your light once your alarm goes off in the morning. This is the perfect opportunity to add a little style and flair to your bedroom cabinets – the bedroom is the most personal room in the home, so be as creative as you like with your selection here!

By exploring the wide array of options on the market you can open yourself up to new styles and ideas. Get playful with texture, tones and finishes to maximise the style and mood in your home with a table lamp today!