A Newbie’s Guide to Using KENT Rice Cooker & Steam Cooker

Do you love to eat rice on a daily basis but do not want to spend time watching over the rice as it gets done every day, every meal? Hand over the job to an electric rice cooker. Get yourself a KENT Rice Cooker and Steam Cooker, which reduces your efforts and lets you relax while the rice cooks. Read on to find out how to use this electric rice cooker.

What Can KENT Rice Cooker Do?

KENT Rice Cooker comes with 5 preset functions, which includes cooking rice, daliya, steamed vegetables, steamed momos and soup. The rest is up to your imagination and creativity. The convenient features of this electric rice cooker help you cook up delicious meals, which you would otherwise avoid because of the traditional ways of cooking.

What Are the Features?

KENT Rice Cooker will give you the perfect meal every time with its custom timer. You can even choose the ingredients and set a timer for when you want it to start the cooking. You can delay the cooking for up to 10 hours. The heat is distributed evenly so that each grain is cooked evenly, enriched with flavors. The food gets cooked quicker and stays warmer for a longer duration. And after you are done, it is very easy to clean and store as well.

What Are the Functions of the Appliance?

KENT Rice Cooker and Steam Cooker has 5 preset functions for cooking. As you press the appropriate button, the appliance enters the respective mode and the corresponding function mode lights up. As the cooking gets done, it is indicated by 2 beeps and the ‘Keep Warm’ state gets activated. This state remains active for up to 12 hours. Other than the 5 cooking modes, there is also a reheat function, which can help you heat the cooled rice.

What Care Should Be Taken before Using the Appliance?

Before starting the appliance, remove all stickers that could obstruct the cooking process. You should also check the compatibility of the appliance and power supply. Clean the washable parts of the electric rice cooker and make sure that they are dry before you start cooking. Ensure that the space between the heating element and the pot is clear and secure the inner pot before starting the cooking process

What Other Precautions Should You Take?

Do not overload the appliance. Use the measuring cup provided to add the right amount of ingredients. Do not exceed the maximum limits in order to keep the appliance working properly. Follow the instructions carefully. Not doing so could damage the electric cooker beyond repair. Unplug the appliance when not in use. Follow the standard precautionary measures applicable to all electrical appliances

It is simple and easy to use KENT Rice Cooker and Steam Cooker. It can give you delicious and healthy meals in a very convenient manner. If you are out of the home, you can have a nice hot meal to welcome you.