Bucharest Nightlife – Ideas & Activities

Bucharest is a modern alternative destination for those who want a different experience. It is a city that has experienced growth in recent years and does not recall anything from the brutal communist past. The city of Bucharest has nothing to be jealous of from the rest of the modern European capitals. It provides its guests with modern hotel facilities, plenty of entertainment options and countless monuments and museums worth visiting. Not to mention that Bucharest nightlife hides some of the best clubbing opportunities in Eastern Europe that will win you over with unprecedented party fever.

Party stronghold built of Balkan party euphoria

Bucharest nightlife resembles perfect example of famous Balkan party euphoria that can be found in some of those best clubs in Bucharest. The stories about the party in Bucharest that lasts for days have reached all parts of the globe. There are also hundreds of amazing pubs and bars to satisfy your thirst around every corner. Nightlife in Bucharest is usually represented as a combination of low prices and colorful club scene that many youngsters visit each weekend. Stag do parties for example in Romanian capital are perfect opportunity to blend into Balkan party fever with beautiful Romanian ladies. StagMadness is the go to place for organizing a stag do in Eastern Europe. They are always looking for fun time with travelers who come from distant lands in hope of getting in touch with what is an exotic culture to them. Affordable prices are one of the key features in Bucharest nightlife as many visitors find this to be one of the most satisfying things during their stay. Party variations range from Hip-hop parties in large abandon communist buildings to exclusive stylish places where top-notch DJs spin latest hits to extravagant visitors. There are of course numerous places for every partygoer who is ready to spend more on his visit there, where you should expect the excellence in service just like in any other major city in the world.

Rich and diverse cultural heritage

Rich and diverse cultural heritage
After the fall of communism, Romanian people strived to rebuild the country with all they had in hope of creating a new image that will be the new face of Romania. Little did they know that so many visitors will arrive in hope of finding these tremendous achievements of communist architecture. Many visitors watch for hours the magnificent Palace of the Parlament as they are stunned by the sheer size of the most famous Romanian landmark. Standing as evidence to the cruel dictatorship that destroyed 25% of the city just to spread the famous Brutalist architecture that will stand as a testament of its time. Today that building is the heaviest man-made object in the world being bigger than Cheops Pyramid and some say even visible from the Moon! Another famous thing found in the Bucharest is its famous broad boulevards. They are the widest in on all of Europe and they are interconnected in the web that can leave you with the opportunity of visiting nearly every part of the city just from taking a walk in them. There are also numerous paradise-like parks with artificial lakes and beautiful fountains where most of the visitors spend their days in the hot summer time. Some of the other notable landmarks include places like Romanian Athenaeum, Arcul de Triumf, Revolution Square, CEC Palace as well as the largest urban beach in Europe among many more… Traditional Romanian cuisine represents a unique mix of different cultures that created those mouthwatering delicates. So many affordable restaurants serve these dishes, each in a unique style and they might be the perfect place to find out all about that famous Balkan hospitality. One thing is certain, no one leaves Romania without a couple of kilograms more or without a bottle of famous Romanian wine. For all what is worth, be prepared to fall in love with Bucharest like no other city that you visited before.