5 Cities to Enjoy Sky Bar Dining With the Best Rooftop Views

Rooftop Views

The art of dining is one that requires you to choose the best option if you want to enjoy yourself thoroughly. Fortunately, we have come up with a listing of some of the most appealing Sky Bars worth visiting around the world. Not only do these restaurants provide a breathtaking view of the city below, but they also offer top-notch dining services. Keep reading to find out which ones these are.

1.Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant Bangkok, Thailand

Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant Bangkok, Tha
What makes Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant a suitable one to visit is its location. While it is right in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, the restaurant happens to be in a less busy street. As such, the dinner will never be too congested, making it appropriate for a quiet romantic evening with your significant other. The menu in this sky bar in Bangkok city is mostly seafood, but other continental dishes are also available. If you are among the people who are fond of cocktails, you will enjoy the wide variety of such that are provided at the bar.

Best of all, you get to enjoy your meal as you admire the scenic view of the busy City below. However, if you do not understand the local dialect, it is advisable to bring along a friend who is conversant with it for ease of communication with the staff. You can also opt for other rooftop bars in Bangkok if you do not get anyone who can help with the communication aspect.

2.360 Istanbul, Turkey

360 Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul happens to be one of the cities that is packed with sky bars. However, 360 manages to stand out of the crowd. The hotel derives its name from its ability to provide an all-around view of Istanbul. Everything from the wine selection to the menu is exquisite.

Additionally, 360 turns into a club on the weekends. Revellers can have a taste of the dazzling music mixes by some of the best DJs within the city or opt for a more relaxed option by going for the live music band. The night comes to life once the city lights go up. You get to take in the fresh air from the sea nearby and enjoy the view of the yachts coming in and going out.

3.Conservatory Lounge and Bar Moscow, Russia

Conservatory Lounge and Bar Moscow, Russia
If you are not afraid of the cold, you can head off to Moscow and have an exceptional dining experience at Conservatory Lounge and Bar. The management has done a spectacular job at decorating the well-lit area with plants and flowers, which bring about a fresh ambience to the room. Better yet, you get to enjoy meals made using some of the most fragrant herbs from around the world, which are planted right in the bar. This spot is usually packed, so you have to come early enough if you want to secure a table outside for a spectacular sky bar dining encounter. However, if you do not make it on time, you can still enjoy a view of the city below from inside via the transparent glass wall.

4.Westlight Brooklyn, New York

Westlight Brooklyn, New York
This dinner on the rooftop of The William Vale provides both an entertainment and business ambience. The hotel offers a variety of international and local bites and wines. To top this up, the bar section is packed with different cocktails made using an array of ingredients grown in various parts of the world. As such, Westlight is the ideal venue to host cocktail parties. If you intend to have a light conversation over some drinks and snacks, you can make reservations before your date night to avoid any inconveniences.

5.L.A Jackson Nashville, Tennessee

L.A Jackson Nashville, Tennessee
If you are visiting Tennessee, then L.A Jackson is one sky bar dining restaurant to visit. You get to enjoy a scenic view of the city around as you indulge yourself in a feast. While the dinner does not offer full meals, you can pick from a variety of in-house and local bites and snacks available at a reasonable price. Wash down your choice meal using an array of drinks that include wines, beers, cocktails, and champagnes. You can also pamper your taste buds with a taste of the sweet side from the variety of desserts offered in the restaurant. While the place is open to the public all year round, you need to make a reservation, especially on busy nights.

You have the chance to heighten your dining experience by choosing one of these places to visit. Aside from the beautiful view of the day or night sky, these destinations offer excellent services at competitive prices.