Krabi Wedding Planner | To Do Checklist to Keep You Organized

Wedding Planner

There are plenty of Krabi wedding venues. This town situated in Southern Thailand is perfect for a beach wedding. It has beautiful scenery inland and at sea. Krabi has more than 150 islands, and the coastline is 150km long. Beach weddings are the best since they have beautiful white sand with beautiful turquoise water. Krabi has beautiful waterfalls, caves, and wildlife. It is a laid-back town with a wide variety of leisure activities including scuba diving, sea kayaking, and island hopping. The accommodation options range from budget to deluxe, and you can find a family-friendly resort like Holiday Inn Resort – KrabiAo Nang Beach easily!

Complete To-Do List Before Saying I Do

1.Create a Binder for Your Wedding Information

Create a Binder for Your Wedding Information Your binder should hold all the relevant information about your wedding. It should include the budget information, the list of guests and vendors, and the wedding date and venue. The binder could also include information about pre-wedding activities such as bachelor/bachelorette parties and the rehearsal dinner.

2.Plan Your Budget

Plan Your Budget Once you know the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your wedding, you need to determine how much you will spend on every part of the wedding. This includes paying your wedding photographer, favours and gifts, entertainment, reception, wedding rings, and the wedding ceremony. Set aside money for transportation, décor, and any miscellaneous expenditure.

3.Set a Date and Book Your Venues

Set a Date and Book Your Venues Find the right venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. Do some research in advance to find venues that have the right size at the right cost.

4.Create the Guest List

Create the Guest List Who is coming to your wedding? Make a list depending on your venue and your budget limits. Your list should be easy to edit as some people may not make it. After creating a list of guests, choose the wedding party and send them wedding invitations.

5.Get the Engagement Ring Appraised and Insured

Get the Engagement Ring Appraised and Insured Go to the jewellery store that you bought our ring and get it appraised. Remember to ensure it in case of loss or damage. Your insurance agent may help you with that.

6.Choose an Officiant for the Ceremony

Choose an Officiant for the Ceremony Find someone who makes you feel comfortable. They should be from your spiritual community, and able to officiate the ceremony in the language of your choice.

7.Choose a Photographer and Videographer

Choose a Photographer and Videographer You should choose a photographer or videographer depending on the type of photography you want for your wedding. If you live in Cairns, find the best wedding photographer in Cairns so that they won’t have to travel far to come to your wedding. Interview a few of them and check their previous work to find the one that is most suited for the job. It might be helpful for you to read Olga Topchii informative post to learn more about wedding photography and what you should expect. Do plenty of research and you’ll find the perfect photographer for your big day.

8.Plan for Entertainment

Plan for Entertainment What type of entertainment do you want for your wedding? Decide on the tone of music you want and the amount you are willing to spend on it.

9.Arrange for Catering

Arrange for Catering Hire a caterer depending on your preferences and budget. Decide what you want to serve and schedule a tasting. Find out if they include plates and silverware. Decide on the cake you want for your wedding and schedule a day for sampling each meal that will be served.

10.Plan for Attire

Plan for Attire Decide on the attire for the bride and groom, the ring bearer, braids maids, and groomsmen. The attire should match the theme of your wedding. Schedule a fitting to ensure that they are just the right size. Thinking of renting tuxedos for the big day? Check out tuxedos for weddings at Ventresca for some inspiration.

11.Book Hotels for Guests

Book Hotels for Guests Find accommodation for your guests that do not stay in town. You may also book transportation for them to get to your wedding. Getting married in a luxury resort may help you to get the best Krabi wedding packages. Find a resort that has hosted plenty of weddings. Find out what their Krabi wedding package entails beforehand. Krabi has plenty of wedding venues and it is easy to find one that suits your needs.