Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Spring TX Residents

No matter if you have a single room air conditioner or whole-house air conditioner, do not make it function too much or harder than its capacity. We have shared some handy Spring TX Air Conditioning maintenance tips that will keep your system functioning smoothly and also keeps your home cool all through the season.

  1. Know how your air conditioner functions: Most of the central AC units consist of two important parts: an indoor unit or evaporator situated in the central duct close to the furnace or the outdoor unit or condenser/compressor located outside your home. It is also recommended to read the instruction manual before starting to clean or repair the AC unit. If you have a complicated unit, it is best to approach the Woodland TX air conditioning maintenance professionals. The technicians have vast experience in repair and maintenance and know-how to handle your system. In most AC units, the basic parts would be the same.
  2. Obtain a programmable thermostat: In the present AC technology, a programmable thermostat is a very important and must-have gadget. It allows you to fix temperatures several times throughout the day. It also lowers the temperature automatically when you want to save money and change the cooling without touching the dial. If you are thinking to install this all-new feature, you can approach experts offering air conditioning maintenance Spring TX. They will completely analyze and suggest the right thermostat as per your unit.
  3. Keep your unit clean: Clean the AC unit fins by using a soft bristle brush. Remember, the fins are fragile parts and have chances to be crushed or bent. For most units, you need to lift off or unscrew the metal box to remove all the fins. To avoid damage to the fins, check the user’s manual for instructions. If you do not have the tools or do not know how to clean them, you can book for a general air conditioning maintenance schedule. Ensure to fix an appointment only with the experts. Do not approach any AC maintenance company you come across.
  4. How to deal with a noisy air conditioner? If you have a new condenser, then there are chances for the compressor to produce a strange noise. Check whether you have a warranty for your product. If it is expired, you have to approach air conditioning repair technicians and sort the issue as early as possible. Such noise issues mostly appear in old AC units. It is always best to approach AC repair experts for assistance instead of dealing with the issue on their own. They would completely analyze your device and suggest possible solutions.
  5. Have you installed the right size AC unit? It is important to purchase AC according to the room size you wish to cool. When you are renovating or purchasing a house, you have to see whether your existing AC suits your room. For example, if you are expanding your room size, then there are chances for your existing AC to remain unsuitable. When you install a small unit for a large room, then the AC has to function hard to cool the entire room. It has chances to get damaged quickly and also it struggles to cater to the thermostat demands.
  6. Do not wrap your condenser: If you have decided to pack and preserve your AC system after the summer, ensure to cover it using weighted plywood. Do not try to wrap it using a tarp.
  7. Replace or clean air filter: One of the important AC maintenance chores is cleaning or replacing the air filter. If you are having a reusable filter, it is recommended to clean and reuse it again. Ensure to perform the cleaning chores once in a month especially in summer months. When you do not clean the filter, it gets clogged with dirt, allergen particles, and dust.
    This can decrease the airflow and the system finds it hard to function to its full efficiency. Moreover, the airflow through the system would also become dustier, dirtier, and has chances to trigger asthma and allergy symptoms to people residing in the house. If you do not know how to clean, you can contact Crossway Mechanical for air conditioning maintenance Tomball TX.
  8. Check components and wiring: Before starting to check the air conditioner, ensure to switch off the power of the main AC unit. Also, remove the condensing unit’s access panel and check for overheating signs, blackened or burnt looking wires, melted insulation, etc. Also, see whether the electrical connections are in tight status. If you are seeing issues in any of these or other issues that have not been mentioned, you can contact a local AC maintenance and repair expert and do the service task for you.

Crossway Mechanical is a reputed heating and cooling repair and maintenance company in Spring TX. Contact the experts for any kind of AC repair and maintenance issues.