Reasons to Consider Indoor Air Quality Testing in Jacksonville FL

Air is invisible and so are the germs and toxins that come with it. Most of the time we feel secure and safe thinking air pollution is an outdoor issue. But in terms of reality, air pollution inside our houses is as dangerous as outdoors. In fact, it can be much worse inside our buildings and may cause many health-related threats.

Indoor air pollution is not the same in every house as it differs from every house to house and from region to region. The contaminated air gets inside our house not just from the pollution that is caused outside but also from building materials, insects, molds, consumer products, pets, and many more. It becomes more dangerous when there is not sufficient place for good ventilation making it more vulnerable to inmates.

If this concerns you much, then it is best advised for indoor air quality testing Jacksonville FL. This way, you will be assured of clean and healthier air. This is the time that calls for Envirovac, a perfect and reputed service provider company that offers the best air purification service in Jacksonville FL.

But how can one detect the quality of air? To help you check the air quality of your house, the following are the most common indoor air pollutants.


Combustion is the most common indoor air pollutant. Combustion includes gases and its particles, furnaces, heating stoves, tobacco smoke, space heaters, etc. The pollutant that gets released by combustion includes Nitrogen dioxide, Carbon monoxide, and other particle materials.

The common symptoms include nausea and headache and can range to unconsciousness and confusion. It may also affect lungs related diseases. Since it is invisible to the naked eye, one can detect it by installing CO alarms.


Asbestos is found in soil and poses very little health hazards. They are found in the building material which left untreated can cause severe problems in the future. It has also been proved that leaving the asbestos untreated can cause lung cancer, lung scarring, and mesothelioma.

Today, most of the materials do not use Asbestos as a building material as it was used earlier in older homes.
If your house belongs to the older construction material, then it is better to opt Whole house air purification Jacksonville FL.

Mold and Mildew

Funguses are one of the very bad indoor air pollutants which take its breathing place in humid and warm conditions. It colonizes and contaminates the house slowly. The most common place for its outbreak is the bathrooms and basements. The effect of mold and mildew has varied effects ranging from mild nasal stiffness to skin irritation and sneezing. It can also cause asthma in older children.

The best way one can fight mold and mildew is to fight the moisture. The humidity inside your house must be kept below 60%. Make sure to use a fan or dehumidifier to fight back humidity. To stop the mold and mildew from growing is to stop its growth rightly when it is spotted.


Insects, rodents, and other related pests are common indoor air pollution, getting rid of them through poisonous substances poses a risk to the inmates as well. The poisons of pests are toxins even for the humans that often get mixed in the indoor air. The common symptoms when exposed to pesticides include nausea and headaches and can range to brain damage and cancer.

Pesticides are most commonly used in every household. Most of them do not take it seriously and continue to use them for a longer period of time. Whether the pesticides kill the pests or not, it sure affects the humans in a very bad way. Hence contacting the experts from Air purification Jacksonville FL is considered a better option than getting exposed to harmful chemicals.

Dust, Danger, and Droppings

The molds and pests are not the only polluters in a building. It is also occupied by cockroaches and dust mites that leave behind allergic body parts and feces. The rodent urine fumes and droppings pose dangerous health-related problems and can cause many allergic reactions for the inmates. Those who are much affected by these droppings are the children and older people.

To ensure clean and healthy air, one must make sure that these dangers, dust, and droppings must be cleaned at the earliest with the aid of professionals. The dust must be regularly cleaned on a daily basis, other particles must be cleaned with the help of professionals. Good housekeeping is the best solution and apart from this, a well-ventilated house is also the best way one can get rid of all the other pests and allergens. Ventilation helps to keep the allergens at bay and ensure it does not reach a high level of concentration.