Common Air Conditioning Problems and Its Solutions

With no doubt, air conditioning is a must in every house in Jacksonville, as none can bear its scorching heat. But what happens if your air conditioning stops working? This is the nightmare every Jacksonville resident fears. Air conditioner repair in Jacksonville FL is a bit costly and so one must make sure their ac is in top condition to avoid future repairing costs.

Hence, it is always a great idea to have some knowledge about common problems and their solutions. The following tips are taken from the Weather Engineer experts’ diary to help its people live a better and comfortable life.

Common AC Problems and its Solutions


The common reason for your air conditioner failure is the dirty or clogged filter. Before you call upon the ac repair Jacksonville FL experts, check out your filter’s condition. Follow the suggestions in the manufacturer record and act accordingly. Few filters demand to be changed or cleaned on a monthly basis while few demand it to be replaced. There are reusable filters too which need regular cleaning and maintenance. The best way to check when your filter needs cleaning is to pass light through the filter. If it fails to pass the light, then it’s high time, you clean your filter. Dirty filters are the prime reason for reduced airflow and it also causes the air conditioner unit to freeze or low in operation.

Refrigerant Leaks

When the air conditioner starts losing its coolant, the performance of the unit will not work efficiently. It will also cause fluctuation in the temperature. The leak location determines its repair cost. Hence to avoid costly repairs, it is best to get it inspected by Jacksonville FL ac service professionals yearly.

Condenser Coils

The location of the condenser coils is outside along with the compressor. The exterior fixture makes it exposed more to dirt or other dust particles elements. The condenser coil can be cleaned easily just with the aid of the water hose. One must make note that it must be cleaned at least once in six months to avoid low-efficiency performance. But if your condenser coil becomes very dirty, then it’s time to call the professionals for they will clean it with chemicals.


Your Thermostat can be fixed easily by just making sure it is cleaned on the inside, whether it is turned on or off, does sunlight affect or reaches the thermostat, its level, and finally its right settings. After checking out all the above instructions, if your thermostat still gives you issues, then call the best professional at the earliest.

Worn Contactor

The compressor in the ac consists of contactors, condensers, and the blower motor. Together they form the electrical connections that aid the start of the compressor and motors. If there’s pitting and arcing on the contactor, then it creates a problem for the electric current to get the motor started with.


Just like the filter, the drain line also becomes clogged with dust, dirt, and lint. Clogging causes the water to leak out thereby damaging the unit or other parts near the drain pan.

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator Coils plays a major role in absorbing the air heat and then sending it back as cold air into the house. Coils face corrosion issues but if they are positioned inside, they will require only maintenance once in three years.

Breakers or Fuses

The Breakers and Fusers are the bodyguards of the ac unit’s compressor or motor from overheating. If it fails in its operation, it directly affects the performance of the whole system. Hence, this is one of the major reasons for the yearly inspection of air conditioner repair in Jacksonville FL.


The compressor helps to apply the energy to the refrigerant. It then drives it along the coil to carry the heat exchange job. If your AC’s compressor fails in its job, it will not give cooling to your house. And if there is low refrigerant, then the compressor will produce hot air, which will finally seize it off.


The motor that helps to power the fans and the compressor is the Capacitors. Without it, there would be no function in these parts. The capacitor powers the motors while providing a series of jolts to help the motor running. If the capacitor burns or wears out, then there would be no operation and your ac system will not work out. Therefore, call the experts to fix the capacitor’s problems for only they will do it ably.

Hence, before one starts with the heat days, it is best recommended to call the technicians for smooth and stress-free summer days.