Beat the Risk of Heart Attack in Your 30’s, 40’s

With changing lifestyles, stress has become an indivisible part of daily routines. Nearly 90% Indians say that they are stressed. There multiple reasons behind it like rigorous working schedules, tough competitions and what not! With stress came the inevitable risk of heart attacks. According to many studies around the world, the per cent of young adults suffering from cardiovascular diseases is growing each year.

You must have seen many of your friends and colleagues complaining about chest pressure or shortness of breath. The reasons behind them can be anything like asthma or emotional state, however, they might be at greater risk, like a heart attack. Gone are those days when only the people above 60 were suffering from heart attacks. Nowadays, people in 30s or 40s are also at a great risk of having heart diseases. You need not worry about heart disease, Technology have improved, Go with Online Heart prescription delivery

Every year, heart attacks take the life of one in every four individuals. In order to avoid suffering from heart attack, simply changes in the daily routine can be a big help. These changes include:

No smoking

Smoking destroys the artery lining leading fatty depositions on their walls that leads to heart attack.

Regular exercise

The small forms of physical activities like walking, jogging or running increase the pumping action of heart and eventually help to maintain it in proper functioning state.

Food choices

The diet highly influences the risk of heart attacks. By now it has been established that fatty food increases the cholesterol level in blood and thus the blood vessels get obstructed due to fatty deposition. Replacing processed food and diet with harmful trans-fats with whole food like fruits and vegetables lower the risks of heart attack.

However, there are cases where individual living healthy lifestyles have suffered from heart attacks due to some congenital defects. The two major disorders leading to early heart attacks in men and women are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and Kawasaki Disease.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

This health complication is the commonest reason behind heart attacks in young adults. It is actually a congenital defect due to a mutated gene which results in enlarged cardiac muscle. As a result, their ventricle walls thicken and obstructed blood flow and eventually a heart attack.

Kawasaki Disease

In this disorder, the blood vessels of the patient get inflamed during the developmental stages of his/her life. When the vessels involved are coronary arties, the blood vessel supplying oxygen to the heart, the risk of heart attacks in young ages increases manifold.

Another factor that increases the risk of hearts attack and yet is neglected by many people is drinking water. Some studies have suggested that drinking hard water increase the risk of heart diseases. Buy water purifies with reverse osmosis to reduce risk. The best water purifier for home would be the one that softens the hard water. Identifying reasons for cardiovascular diseases and preventing them is important if you wish to beat the risk of heart attacks in your 30s or 40s.