My Reasons for Switching to a Front Pocket Wallet

Earlier on, I didn’t believe that a front-pocket wallet is one of the most useful items you can possess. The truth is that I thought a front-pocket wallet is something that will come and go. I did not understand how/ why I would shift from a back-pocket wallet to a front one. Currently, if you check out my website, you will see that I offer the best selection of four-or-five card wallets and front- pocket wallets. So what changed?

Mind you, I am one of those people who find it a bit difficult to alter old habits. Using a back pocket wallet was an old habit that was really dying hard. However, after reading a lot about the front-pocket wallet, I began to alter my mind slowly, but surely. All the legitimate points about front pocket wallets being better than back pocket wallets simply moved me.

How a Front Wallet Benefits You

Just to illustrate why I decided to start using a front wallet, I will list down the top reasons. It should help you make a more informed decision when choosing between a back pocket wallet and a front pocket wallet. Trust me, I will be quite frank and it’s not that I have become hip.

1. Comfort

One thing that’s really different with front-pocket wallets is the comfortability. A back-pocket wallet will let you know it’s there every time you take a seat. Truly, you can have a really difficult time travelling long distance with a back-pocket wallet because it is cumbersome and thick.

On the other hand, the design of a front-pocket wallet allows it to fit in a relatively small pocket. It makes this kind of wallet minimalistic in nature. Since a front-pocket wallet is slimmer than a traditional wallet, you cannot experience all the irritation that comes with having a thick wallet in your back pocket.

2. Accessibility

With a back-pocket wallet, you have to be really patient. It is always difficult to retrieve your wallet at the drive-through window or at a toll booth. Many a time, you need to manoeuver uniquely just to get a few notes out your wallet.

All that changes with owning the front-pocket wallet. Since you put them in the front pocket, accessing these wallets is as easy as you like. If you find it easier to retrieve a phone in the front pocket, then a front-pocket wallet will be easier since it is relatively smaller and less bulky.

3. Security

It is the biggest advantages of having a front-pocket wallet. In many cities, pickpockets are a real threat and a wallet in the back pocket is quite an attraction for these guys. Remember, the reason you have a cushioned rear is for protection when you fall.

Even so, this attribute desensitizes small back pocket movement and thus creating the most ideal environment for a thief. A front-pocket wallet comes with increased security and sensitivity. There is no way someone will slide out a front-pocket wallet without you seeing or feeling it. Also, when in a crowded place, it easy to protect your wallet by tacking your hand inside the front pocket.


As much as back-pocket wallets are popular, front-pocket wallets are slowly becoming commonplace. More people are starting to realize that there are many benefits to having a front-pocket wallet. Security, accessibility, and comfort are the biggest reasons why you should switch to a front-pocket wallet today.