Best GP Vacancies In Australia

If you’re a qualified GP living or planning to relocate to Australia, then do not worry about finding a job in the country. However, you may be worried about crime rates in cities like Sydney. Hopefully, the Australian Crime Statistics from Ly Lawyers will put your mind at rest. Anyway, there are plenty of GP Vacancies in Australia that need to be filled by the best GPs with MICGP, MRCGP, and FRACGP. We at Alecto are dedicated to finding out about the clinics that have GP vacancies. If you are a GP relocating to Australia, we will see you through the registration and the VISA processes.

These GP Vacancies Australia, are usually with private companies. The companies with GP vacancies have a range of regulations and conditions concerning the work of GPs. At Alecto we remove the burden of you having to go through employment negotiations to come up with the best pay rate and favourable working conditions.

Below is a summary in case you are considering a GP vacancy in Australia

As a GP you will only be paid for the time you work. This means that you can only count your salaries on the days that you spend your time working. The employer will not pay you for any sick or holiday time away. There are a number of weeks each year where you will be able to have time off. These will be allocated to you but they won’t be paid for.

You will receive a total percentage of billings. This percentage includes the total amount of income you generate in your practice which will be a sum of money from the patient and the Medicare.

You will also need to register yourself as a company and also register for a GST which is the goods and services tax. Your employer will not in any way deduct money from your salary as tax. You will have to set money aside for that. This is where you will need a good accountant who will be looking after your tax reports. If you wish to further your education or knowledge, your employer will not cater for this, and your accountant will advise if they are taxable.

There are GPs who would want income insurance cover if any major crisis comes up. The costs of such insurances vary and will depend on your situation.

If you’re a GP relocating and you have your interests in GP Vacancies Australia, below are some of the things that you need to know and how Alecto can help out.

The paperwork is quite extensive even before you land in Australia. We will help you with the VISAs, passports, application numbers and others. After you are in Australia, we never let you go. We assist you in finding the best banks, schools, accountants and even good housing for you to start your new life. Finally, we will also help you secure a good GP job in Australia.


There are plenty of GP Vacancies in Australia. You only need to be qualified, and then Alecto can find you a good GP job with conditions that you can handle. Moreover, as a GP who wants to relocate, you will be assisted in every way through your paper until you are settled in Australia.