Tips and Tricks to Get Longer Hair Naturally

We’ve all experienced that awkward in-between phase when it comes to haircuts. With endless great styles out there for every color, face type, and age, a change in style is an exciting experience, and well worth the price of a haircut when you find someone who knows what they’re doing.

The fashion magazines swing back and forth between what’s in season – long tresses, short edgy cuts. But it’s never that awkward phase; the one that makes you want to keep your hair up in a ponytail for a few months until it passes, and you can rock those long locks!

Luckily there are quite a few ways to grow your hair quickly and naturally. For example, if you’re looking for a hair products that are versatile and affordable, NYM is a great hair care range to check out. With so many products on the market, products with natural ingredients are the way to go.

Like the rest of your body, taking time and care with your hair will yield beautiful results. After going through the options below, consider what would best fit your lifestyle and motivation. The potential changes are small but meaningful!

1. Ditch the dryer.

Artificially drying, straightening, or curling hair can cause permanent damage that even deep moisturizers won’t fix.
You don’t need to drop this part of your routine completely, but perhaps just save it for special occasions that require speed or a bit more styling. Give your hair a rest whenever possible, and let it do its thing. Even washing it too often can keep it from naturally moisturizing itself.

2. Hair masks are your friend.

There are countless DIY hair masks that you can whip up from what you have in your refrigerator right this minute!

Egg masks are popular for healthy hair. Use yolks mixed with olive oil, and let soak for twenty minutes. This shouldn’t be a daily routine, but weekly or bi-weekly is more than enough.

3. Trim regularly

It’s easy to ignore hair up-keep if you’re waiting for it to grow out to that perfect, below-the-shoulders look that goes great with beanies or beach days.

But it’s true what they say about split ends – they’re not great for your hair. Actually, letting your hair go without a trim for long periods of time can actually do more damage. Split ends make hair break off further up and it will show. Make sure you’re visiting your stylist to get a half an inch or so trimmed off every once in a while.

4. Work supplements into your routine.

Biotin and vitamin E are both huge when it comes to hair.

Biotin deficiencies lead to hair thinning, and vitamin E maintains hair growth. Talk to your doctor or your stylist about what the appropriate dose for you is, and work it into your morning or evening routine to get the best results.

5. Treat yourself to silk.

Your entire bed set doesn’t have to be silk, but the pillow cases definitely shouldn’t be cotton.

Cotton has been scientifically proven to not only tangle, but dry out your hair as you sleep. The cotton fibers absorb oils from your hair as well as your skin (an entirely different issue to consider) and the rougher texture of the fibers keeps hair from moving easily.

Silk pillow cases allow your hair to breathe and move without turning into a rat’s nest. They’re well worth the investment, and double as a bit of luxury. If you’re concerned about your skin at all you’ll want to dig further into this topic!

6. Avoid ponytails.

This tip has more to do with your hairline than the length. Putting your hair up in the same position every day can actually be doing more damage than you’d think.
Tight ponytails pull your hair back and break it off higher up, causing frizz and in some cases a slightly receding hairline. Give your hair a break whenever possible, both from ponytails and other confining situations like towel wraps or extensions.

7. Don’t shampoo daily.

As we’ve mentioned before, moisture is an important aspect to your hair’s health. And while adding moisture will definitely help with growth and overall vibrancy, it’s imperative that you don’t remove that moisture more than necessary. Ensuring that you’ve got a good hair moisturizer that you use sparingly is a good way to effectively control the level of moisture in your hair. By having a look at somewhere like Reviewingthis, you can have a look at products such as Lush R&B Hair Moisturizer that could become a valuable part of your hair care routine.

The most common way that hair becomes dried out, aside from heat tools, is over-shampooing. Showering daily is a great habit – shampooing your hair daily is not. Simply rinsing it with water and letting your body’s natural oils take it from there is more than enough to keep you hair clean and healthy.

No matter your time or budget, incorporating any one of these options into your life should help improve not only hair length, but quality, and get you out of that awkward phase faster! Keep in mind that moisture and healthy habits are the key to maintaining gorgeous hair. There are natural, simple methods to treat yourself and your body the way you deserve. By the time you head back to your stylist for that trim or layered cut, they’ll be the ones asking you for tips on healthy hair!