What Are The Top Hairstyle Trends For 2019?

Keeping on top of the latest trends in hair styling is a great move. Not only can a stylish look for your hair be the tool you need to finish off an amazing outfit or a power look, but it can also give you the confidence you need to ace that job interview or look great on a date. However, with so many styles out there and so many tools, products and methods for achieving an excellent look, staying ahead of the game can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. This article will go through the latest hairstyle trends for 2019 – and explain which one is best for you and your own individual hair composition and texture.

Pixie cuts

Pixie cuts are certainly stylish choices for those who want their hair to look short, sharp – and textured. Famous figures such as Katy Perry have opted for this sort of look in the past, and it’s often lauded as a great balance between feminine and androgynous. Getting a pixie cut in place, however, is a task that can be a bit tough unless your hair is high quality enough – and you may need help from products. As reading a Viabrance article will tell you, Viabrance hair serum is a good way to create and preserve the sort of vitality that this kind of innovative style offers.

Return of the beehive

As one look at a picture of Amy Winehouse will show, the beehive hairstyle has been around for years. However, these days, the beehive has had a renewed period of popularity. This famous hairstyle was especially noted for coming back into vogue at the Moschino AW18 fashion event, meaning that trendsetters have definitely clocked that it’s back. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. People who rock beehives tend to be those who have distinctive hair colors such as black, and you may find that it doesn’t look quite so effective if you have lighter hair.

Rise of the wig

For many years, wigs were considered items that weren’t to be discussed. If you wore one, it was likely that you’d keep it quiet for reasons of stigma, ease or something else. But now, so-called “rainbow wigs” – which draw from the brighter colors of the rainbow such as yellow or pink and come with a sharp, straight fringe – are very common. Singer Nicki Minaj often goes for a variant of this look, and it screams funky and cool from anyone who chooses to wear it.

In that regard, it’s the sort of hairstyle that someone who wants to look a little edgy and out of the ordinary is likely to go for – but it’s also a good move if you’re interested in altering your hair style on a regular basis, as it makes it so simple to move things around. However, while some people may not feel comfortable enough to go down the full wig route, it’s certainly possible that the “blunt fringe” element of the rainbow wig at least will take hold.

Accessories are back

Accessorizing is a controversial topic in the world of hairstyling, and opinions on it tend to differ. While sometimes they are lauded as opportunities to have some hair-related fun and creativity, they are also sometimes knocked down as being schoolgirl-like, or simply too functional. However, according to some hair industry experts, it’s actually the case that everything from clips to hairpins are coming back into vogue.

It’s down in part to the much-needed practical functions that they can play: in a world in which the weather is now often hotter than ever in many American cities and indeed around the world, it’s often the case that anything that keeps longer hair out of your face and prevents sweatiness and stickiness is ideal. It makes sense, then, that clips, tiebacks and more are all becoming increasingly popular.

In a world in which the focus is all too often on fashion and cosmetics, some people find themselves forgetting about styling their hair as a way to add the finishing touches to a great look. However, that shouldn’t be the case, as there’s a whole host of amazing hairstyles from which to choose. From the rise in the use of wigs to the return of accessories, there are plenty of diverse choices that will suit. A little bit of research and the investment of some time in finding the right tools and products will mean that you’ll always have the best hair you possibly can.