Low Testosterone Levels after Steroids

Every person needs to be healthy for a good life and hormones are the one of the thing on that every human body and its health depends. Any hormonal fluctuations in you body can create many problems to your body such as low sex drive, poor muscle tone, depression and much more.

One of such hormonal problem is low testosterone levels, this is why people use Testogen – the best testosterone booster. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone which is also called as Steroid hormone, which is produced in men’s testicles and in the ovaries of female. During puberty testosterone is the main source of physical changes in boys such as increased muscle, hair growth deeper voice etc.

Effective Ways to Increase Low Testosterone Levels

Here are some of the effective ways that can help you to boost your testosterone level.

  • Proper exercise and weight lifting: To prevent our body from different lifestyle-related problems exercise is one of the effective ways to boost your testosterone.Researchers have found that increasing physical activity is more effective to increase testosterone level and fitness than the weight loss diet. Weight lifting is proved to be one of the best exercise that one can prefer to take supplement caffeine and creative monohydrate for boosting testosterone levels further.
  • Consume fat, protine, carbs: whatever you eat has an impact on your hormonal level that also includes testosterone. Constant dieting or overeating can disturb your hormones. So you need to pay attention to your long term calories intake and your diet plan. Intake of proper protein, enough carb helps you to maintain health and optimization of your testosterone levels.

  • Minimize stress: Nowadays stress is a very common problem observed in many people that can elevate level of cortisol hormone unnatural elevation due to stress can increase the level of food consumption that will result in weight gain and the storage of harmful fats in your body which may cause a low testosterone levels. You must focus on balanced lifestyle to reduce your stress and improve the health.
  • Get some sun or take vitaminD supplement: vitamin D has many health benefits and it also works as a natural booster of your testosterone level. A study proved that intake of 3000IU of vitamin D3 supplement per day can increase around 25% of testosterone level. To boost your testosterone level you must get some regular exposure to sunlight and or daily intake of at least 3000IU of vitaminD. Even other vitamin like vitamin B helps to increase the sperm quality and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E can play a vital role in increasing your testosterone and sex hormones.

  • Quality sleep: Improper sleep is one of the biggest reason behind today’s unhealthy world. Diet and exercise is not that much important as much important sleep is for you. Improper sleep leds to an improper health. In a study it is found that sleeping only for 5 hrs per night can cause a reduction of 15% of your testosterones. But it is observed that having a proper sleep of at least 7-10 hrs per night can ultimately help you to boost your testosterone level.
  • Consider som natural booster: Ashvagandha is one of the best natural herb that is very effective for the testosterone increase in a men’s body. A study found big increase in the steroid and sperm count in those who intakes this herb regularly. Ginger abstract is another natural booster to boost your level. And even it helps for many other health benefits that includes boosting some key sex hormones. Horny goat weed, Mucuna pruriens, shilajit and tongkat ali these are some other natural herbs that helps to boost your level which found by studies done on animals and humans both.

  • Have a healthy lifestyle and avoid estrogen: having an unhealthy lifestyle is also responsible for having some or the other kind of hormonal problem. Having a healthy sex life is important for a healthy body with good level of testosterone and sex hormones. There is no shame in visiting london escorts in order to fulfill your need for sex. One must try to minimize the exposure of chemicals suchas BPA and parabens, high use of such estrogen may also affect your level of hormones. Even excess intake of alcohol or drugs also affects your level of testosterone very badly. To prevent yourself from such problem you must live a happy and successful life.


One must take care of their health as after an age hormones starts decreasing which ultimately results in sickness, more risk of desease and even premature death. And to live a healthy, long and happy life you should take a proper care of your health.