What Makes GMT Master II Unique?

You might be aware of Rolex, the watchmaker that aims to provide all the necessary specifications in a wristwatch. And when it came to the world time telling about the GMT, this Swiss brand was ready with its GMT Master. The Rolex gmt master ii is the part of its professional. Do you know that Rolex has three watch lines? One is a professional. Are you sure to purchase a GMT master? Are you aware of its models and the fact why it is so special? The GMT master was designed in collaboration with Pan American Airways so that their pilots and navigators can use it, but its robustness and attractive aesthetics made a broader audience get beguiled to acquire it and wear it on their wrists.

What makes the GMT Master II So Good?

Rolex despite being regarded as the manufacturer of luxury watches is the only brand that is making the finest and reliable tool watches. Rolex is doing its best to keep the pilots on schedule and making the businessmen aware of their missed bedtimes. It is even making the other watchmakers torment the minute iterations. But it is not only the Globetrotters who are obsessed with the Rolex. The GMT master ii especially proves that it is a favorite among everyone today.

Sure, today many of us rely on our cell phones to get the guaranteed accurate time, but to get the time you need to make certain fiddling taps while handling your cellphone. But with a GMT watch all you need is the flick of your wrist. Not only this but with the different and creative ways that the second time zone is displayed, gives you the all-new experience.

Colors or the Nicknames for the GMT Master II

  • Pepsi
  • Batman or Bruiser
  • Coca Cola
  • Root Berry or Dirty Harry
  • Fat Lady
  • Black & Tan
  • The Mechanics

The Rolex GMT Master II iterations

The Oyster Perpetual GMT- Master was launched in the year 1955, where it witnessed the rapid expansion of the intercontinental travel. Due to this it even became the official watch of the Pan American Airways. Three years later the bezel of the watch was also switched from Plexiglass to anodized aluminium. In the year 1982, we saw a new transformation with the introduction of the hour hand that could be set independently of the other hands. It earned this watch a suffix ‘ii,’ thus it came to be known as GMT master ii. The original GMT watch had the conventional hour hand, minute hand and the 24 hour hand synchronized where you had to put the crown out of the second position to set the date while pulling the crown out the third position to local hours hand.

But, now with the GMT Master II, in the third position, you are required to set the GMT hours and minutes while pulling the crown to the second position to set the date and local hours to get simpler and an intuitive mode of operation.